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Kegel Exercises for Health and Pleasure | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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Kegel Exercises for Health and Pleasure

Kegel exercises are intended to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which support the bladder, uterus, small intestine and the rectum. Kegel exercise is about contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles and can be done at any time of the day.


Why Do Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises can help women heal health issues in the pelvic region and it can help women improve their sexual relationships.

Many circumstances can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken such as pregnancy, childbirth, ageing, surgery, chronic cough, excessive straining during constipation and being overweight.

Kegel exercises can help you battle the following three types of pelvic region issues:

  1. Stress incontinence – a few drops of urine being leaked during laughter, cough and sneezing.
  2. Urinary incontinence – strong and sudden urge to pee before losing a large amount of urineun announced.
  3. Fecal incontinence – leakage of stool

And as mentioned before Kegel exercises can help women enjoy satisfactory sex lives and also with constant practice women can learn to ejaculate. Orgasms achieved through female ejaculation are far more pleasurable and beneficial in a psychological and physiological manner.

If you would like to know about what is female ejaculation please click here >>.And if you would like to know if every women is capable of ejaculating please click here >>

Crooks and Baur authors of “Our Sexuality”, define Kegel exercise is as,” a series of exercises that strengthen the muscles underlying the external female or male genitals. Kegel teaches a woman to control her pubococcylgeal (PC) muscles, prolonging orgasm. Kegel increases blood flow, mental arousal, and muscle strength. The Kegel or pubococcygeal (PC) muscle is present from the pubic to tailbone. One is able to do the Kegel exercise by practicing 3 – 5 minutes a day of voluntary contraction of these muscles. A study in 1981 suggested a woman who ejaculates has stronger PC muscles than a woman who doesn’t.”

Crooks and Baur also state, “After about six weeks of regular exercise, many women report increased sensation during intercourse and general increase in genital sensitivity. This seems to be associated with their increased awareness of their sex organs and their improved muscle tone.”





According to Ethel Sloane, author of Biology of Women, “Kegal exercises have also been advocated for the improvement of sexual relations between couples because they increase the ability of the vaginal sphincter to contract. The vaginal sphincter is responsible for the clasping action of the vagina around the penis during sexual intercourse, and the sphincter is formed by the fibers of the pubococcygues muscles blending into those of the superficial perineal muscles around the walls of the vagina”.

Deborah Sundahl, author of Female Ejaculation and the G – Spot talks in her book about the book The G – Spot that brought the G – Spot and female ejaculation to public attention and served as the most influential work ever done on the subject. She writes, “The illustration below shows the muscles that support the clitoral network of erectile tissues and the female prostrate (as well as other organs of the reproductive area). They are called the pubococcygeus (pronounced “pew bo cox gee us”), or for short the PC muscles. Fitness of these muscles is important for lubrication, arousal, and the ability to orgasm and ejaculate.”

(Female Ejaculation and the G – Spot, Deborah Sundahl, 2003)


6 Step Kegal Exercise by Crooks and Baur from “Our Sexuality” 

  1. “Locate the muscles surrounding the vagina. This can be done by stopping the flow of urine to feel which muscles contract. And even more effective way of contracting the pelvic floor muscle is to contract the anal sphincter as if to hold back gas.”
  2. “Insert a finger into the opening of the vagina and contract the muscles you located in Step 1 and feel the muscles squeeze your finger”.
  3. “Squeeze the same muscle for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat 10 times”.
  4. “Imagine trying to suck something into your vagina. Hold for 3 seconds”.
  5. “This exercise series should be done three times a day”.


Deborah Sundahl further write, “Strong and healthy PC muscles increase orgasmic response and aid female ejaculation, as well as help to cure urinary stress incontinence and a variety of other ills. Sexual taboos and stigmas and negative sexual events have created reluctance in most women to become aware of and make use of their PC muscles, which causes the muscles to get out of shape or become chronically tense. Unfit PC muscles may be the culprit behind a wide range of reproductive health problems.”

Therefore, it is wise to set aside a few minutes of your day to strengthen your PC muscles. And some great products to stimulate and exercise your PC muscles are the Rock chick, Kegelcisor, Orchid G, Jupiter, Nubby or Smart Balls.

And if you would like to take a spiritual approach to healing your Yoni (womb) – a woman’s sacred temple, take up the practice of Jade egg exercises.

Also if you like to learn more about the healing nature of your womb and its creative power read our blog on Amrita, Tantra and the Yoni 






I’m Mal Weeraratne – Certified Tantra Educator teaching intimacy; Tantra and all forms of sacred sensuality to facilitate journeys into love, intimacy, and sacred sexuality as well as personal transformation leading to spirituality. My teachings can help both men and women to overcome sexual problems, regain feminine empowerment and male consciousness and in all areas of sexuality and female embodiment.

In the past my clients came to me for many reasons, some came to explore aspects of the sexuality, whilst others wanted to explore touch; sensuality or explore their boundaries. Whilst others want to become more sexually empowered or just to start living fully within their own bodies or to overcome fears and inhibitions through releasing their past trauma

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