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Terms and Conditions for Tantric Journey | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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Please read the following statements. By registering you confirm that you have read them.

Deposit Payment:

Tantric Journey will communicate freely and openly with any applicant when an applicant has paid the 50% deposit and will guarantee a place on the dates requested, subject to availability. Once a student has been accepted to the TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL OF SEXUAL HEALING AND AWAKENING and withdraws himself or herself, no refund of the deposit paid will be considered.

This deposit needs to be paid to our office in London. Payment details are available on the reservation form which include PayPal, international bank transfer, bank deposit and most valid credit cards

Should TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL (TJS) not accept a student for a course, the full deposit paid to us (the amount we have received) will be returned to the applicant(s) through the system in which it was charged (Bank charges will be deducted)

When TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL accepts a student for Training the deposit will be held in reserve upon approval notification to the student. TJS students will need to pay the balance of tuition fees 1 month prior to the course start date. If the course is due to start within 1-month, full payment will be required

Payment to TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL of the full training fee will constitute re-confirmation of an applicant’s place on TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL Training program. If the full balance has not been paid by the deadline of 1 month, a student’s position can be considered forfeited.

TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL will not be held responsible for payment by the electronic industry or inabilities to pay due to system failure of the electronic industry.

When a student who has been accepted to TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOLand withdraws himself or herself, no refund of the deposit paid will be considered.

Students withdrawing after the start of the course will not receive any refund of their payments.

Payments are none transferable


Refund Policy:

TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOLTraining includes Module 1, first day trial period, during which all TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL Students will be evaluated for their enthusiasm, dedication, and aspiration. At the end of this trial period, a decision will be made as to whether or not students have demonstrated the necessary qualities to successfully complete the training. If TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL decides that the student does not satisfy the requirements, TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL Administration will refund 50% of the tuition fees paid. If a student decides to cancel at his or her own free will during this trial period, TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOLwill refund 50% of the tuition. No refunds will be given after this point in the program.


General Terms

Please note that there is up to 10 – 12 hours of training per day. This can both be physically and mentally challenging. A maturity towards spiritual, esoteric and sexuality issues is also paramount to your success. Please note TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOLdoes enter into issues on TANTRIC SEX. We do not offer sexual instruction, practice or tuition as part of the therapist Module 1-2 training.

On application students declare that they take responsibility for their own actions during TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL training and pledge to be thoughtful and respectful towards other students, colleagues and peers at TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL

By its nature TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL training is intensive and as such can invoke personal issues. The training may challenge you personally and mentally and may indeed change your outlook on life and spirituality. TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL trainers are well qualified and experienced to assist students during transition processes if needed.

Punctuality is a primary factor in your success for TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL Training. You accept responsibility for being on time to all Training sessions.

There will be sufficient time and opportunity to practice, study and partake in other activities at the school. You accept responsibility for managing your time, diet, and personal relationships.

Please do NOT invite friends to visit, NO pets, NO chemical body sprays, NO perfumes, NO tobacco (if you can), NO alcohol and NO drugs. You agree to adhere to these rules.

Students come from a variety of countries and cultural, religious backgrounds. You accept personal responsibility for your attitude, respect and cultural sensitivity towards all.

TANTRIC JOURNEY SCHOOL offers teaching which may challenge your current belief systems. You agree to keep an open mind, use your common sense to appreciate the material being taught without being drawn into any belief system.

  • The full Professional Tantric Massage training fee includes participation in a multi-day Tantra Workshop. This can’t be exchanged for any other course program.
  • The tuition fee does not include accommodation, these can be arranged on or prior to arrival. For more information about accommodation please refer to the information pages on the website.
  • You will be required to submit a written statement about your general mental and physical state of health.
  • You declare that you have no sexually transmitted diseases or medical mental condition that you are aware of. Should you have then you will have to submit a full report to the course leader before the start of the course.
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