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Tantric Journey Benefits

Tantra can help anyone who wants to improve the quality and well-being of their life, by understanding the needs of their own body, mind and spirit, and being able to communicate effectively to fulfil their needs.

We are all born free and pure, with positivity and love, which is the true essence of our being. Throughout our existence we are subject to adding layer after layer of negative beliefs, conditioning, emotions, physical and psychological unfortunate events or something similar.

Body Armouring

According to Dr Wilhelm Reich, the pioneer psychotherapist and sexologist, “Body Armouring” is viewed as a process whereby past deeply disturbing or distressing
experiences are stored in the body muscle tissue in a cellular level and as a result the body’s tissues harden, creating tension and blocking energy in the area that has been deeply disturbed.
. Traces of the emotional content of every unsatisfied sexual experience have been recorded in the muscular tissues of your genitals, building up tension in the area so slowly that you did not even suspect that it was happening.

By armouring itself, the body’s intention is to reduce it’s vulnerability to pain, discomfort and possible danger. But this process has the parallel effect of reducing our capacity for feeling pleasure.

In fact, because the sexual organs have been subject to vigorous condemnation from childhood onwards, the pelvic basin has become a major storehouse of negative imprints, greatly reducing our capacity for sexual pleasure and preventing full enjoyment of orgasmic release.

Body Armouring can be caused by: 

In Women

  • Strict upbringing where sexuality is viewed in a negative way
  • When religious belief is suppressed sexuality
  • Physical or psychological sexual unfortunate events or something similar in childhood
  • Sexual intercourse without sufficient foreplay
  • Failing to reach an orgasm or faking orgasms
  • Undergoing a caesarean birth or hysterectomy
  • Making love when you don’t feel like it
  • Accidents, illnesses, operations and past negative events in pelvic area
  • Having an abortion or miscarriage
  • Forceful male fingering
  • Early experience of guilt and fear associated with masturbation


Following are the Emotions held in the female genital area as a result of Body Armouring, which can be released with gentle Yoni massage:

  1. G spot
    • Faking orgasm
    • Performance anxiety
    • Feeling inadequate
  2. Clitoris
    • Nervousness
    • Distrust
    • Impatience
    • Holding tight
  3. Vaginal Lips
    • Fear of opening
    • Shame
    • Desire to hide
  4. Perineum and Perineum sponge
    • Difficulty letting go
    • Numbness
  5. Vaginal Canal
    • Anger
    • Neediness
    • Abortion and childbirth past negative events

In Men

  • Circumcision
  • Early experience of guilt and fear associated with masturbation
  • Clumsy prostate examinations
  • Compulsion to demonstrate “masculinity” by being forceful and thrusting in love making
  • Physical or psychological sexual unfortunate events or something similar in childhood


“…the route of the journey is to face the truth of your pain

or your numbness, and then to go through the pain to reach your 

pleasure which is your ultimate birth-right.”


Sexual Awakening and Healing

Armouring seriously inhibits sexual sensitivity and therefore blocks deeper pleasure. It is difficult for people to be open to ecstatic sexual pleasures, until the whole pelvic area has been cleaned of imprints left by negative sexual experiences.

Only through direct, hands-on massage in the pelvic area can we effectively heal these past wounds and transform numbness and pain into pleasure. Sexual Awakening is like peeling an onion, removing layer by layer of such negativity.


Orgasm – Sexual Energy

Orgasm is a form of sexual energy that originates at the base of the spine and rises up to the crown. Relaxed body and mind will create such orgasmic sexual energy waves which are positively charged. Sexual energy has the ability to multiply our life force energy, chi, prana by many folds to nourish every organ and cell in our body. When positively charged energy is transmitted throughout your body to every cell, via seven major Chakras (which are located parallel to the hormone producing endocrine system): stresses, most illnesses and any negativity surrounding the cells may become less negative, neutralise or become more positive. Therefore, the route of the journey is to face the truth of your pain or your numbness, and then to go through the pain to reach your pleasure which is your ultimate birth-right.

This transition of the cell polarity from negative to positive is a healing process. Therefore a Full Body Orgasm is viewed as a force of energy healing your body, mind and spirit.


“This energy can be directed, not only to heal

your body, mind and spirit, but also to regenerate every cell with

positivity that will make you feel and look younger.”


For people who feel that they are already having a healthy orgasm, following is a calculation to show the average person’s orgasmic potential per one year:

  • Each healthy persons average orgasm lasts five waves, or for 5 seconds
  • If a person makes love on average 2.3 times per week
  • During the 52 weeks in the year her orgasmic potential is as follows

5 seconds x 2.3 per week x 52 weeks pa = 600 seconds (under 10 minutes)

Tantra can transform this ability by many folds to help achieve an orgasm that can last for over 10 minutes during any one session.

It’s a transformation and self-development from an act of a “Sneeze between the groins” to a Full Body, Multi Orgasm.

Multi Orgasmic Response (MORE)

In ancient tantric texts this healing energy force is described as a preparation for a gradual awakening of Kundalini. Such strong waves can be achieved in the form of an expanded, extended, full body, Multi Orgasmic Response (MORE) and the benefits of which may last for hours and days. This energy can be directed, not only to heal your body, mind and spirit, but also to regenerate every cell with positivity that will make you feel and look younger.

A summary of Tantric Journey Benefits:

  • To help with sexual dysfunctions and to enhance Sexuality and – to be an Orgasmic being
  • To get rid of body armouring and tension in order to soften the tissues and to promote Relaxation and be able to completely let go
  • To remove negative imprints, memories, emotions, blocks, conditioning and beliefs that have been held for many years around sexuality, and to make you feel more Open and Positive.
  • To help remove Aches, Pain and Numbness and to improve Sensitivity, Pleasures and Sexuality
  • To help with many stress related conditions such as depression, frustrations, insomnia, and to make you feel Happy and Confident
  • To help deal with issues around sexuality: Guilt, Shame, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Doubt and Mistrust
  • To improve Relationships
  • To be able to stretch your boundaries at your own pace
  • To be Awakened and be Connected with your own divine self in a safe, caring, loving environment, within your own sacred space
  • Ease or remedy low Self-esteem and Timidity
  • Help with Drugs, Alcohol and other Dependency issues
  • Through the advance Tantric practices, to be able to experience all seven levels of Altered States of Consciousness to help you heal your body, mind and spirit

Tantric Journey is not a claim to solve all your life long problems as a “quick fix”, but to guide you in the right direction towards self-healing and self-development.

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