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Tantric Teacher Training With Mal - Starting on 1st September 2018 in London | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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Tantric Teacher Training With Mal – Starting on 1st September 2018 in London
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£2545.75 /
01-09-2018 to 03-09-2018
10AM to 10PM
Teacher Training
With Mal
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In this training course, you will:

Certified Tantric Journey Educator (CTJE) Teacher Training Course (Module 1-2)

Learn the art of healing from Mal who has treated over 3000 clients from all over the world over 20 years. Above training course consists of Module 1-2 and Case Study – Practice weeks to help you with your Case Studies to be a Certified Tantric Journey Educator. Training is for your own spiritual growth to learn to heal yourself and to heal others through Emotional Detox through Tantric – Tao bodywork

Training is split so you attend 2 days initially and follow it up with one further 4 days training and Case Study weeks. You will gain knowledge, skills and practice under supervision to be a Tantric Journey Educator. You will also receive personal help and support to become successful and be independent. Successful participants will be certified and listed in Tantric Journey Website

Certified Tantric Journey Educator (CTJE) Teacher Training course consist of 3 hrs of Introduction and 2 Modules and Case Study – Practice weeks as follows.

Introduction to Tantric Journey – Friday 7pm -10pm ………….View

Module 1 – Two days Sat / Sun

Module 2 – Four days Fri / Mon

Case Study Practice Weeks

Module 1 starts on above two days. You can select Module 2 dates from following link.

Once you complete Module 1 and 2, if you wish to start a new career or add new tools to your existing career or to gain experience and confidence to master the skills, you are required to attend Practice / Case Study weeks where you will be provided with models to practice and do case studies. You are required to do minimum of 30 case studies using Module 2 training. To register for Practice / Case Study weeks use the following link. Some instances you may need to attend more than one case study week to gain the required experience to work safely before you can work on paid clients


We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves and heal others, just like birds know how to build their nest. What’s stopping us is our own limitations because of past trauma, upbringing, religious and cultural belief systems. One of the key benefits of training is the opportunity to unblock and open yourself to release your own negative emotions embedded in cellular memory and to learn to relax and surrender and be able to achieve your highest potential. Each stage will be tailored to individual pace and needs as we are all different.Once the negativity leaves us, we are awakening, ready and open to heal and open others.You can start the Journey from wherever you are and go on the Tantric Journey as far as you feel comfortable.


Training consist of following stages:

  1. Understanding the Theory and Philosophy behind Tantric Journey
  2. Learning to accept new knowledge by Receiving a series of treatments and experiencing the process to unblock and open up
  3. Learning to implement new skills by performing a series of treatments and learning to overcoming challenges on models
  4. Learning to retain new knowledge and skills by Working on clients together with another therapist to build confidence
  5. Learn how to set up the practice to be financially successful, marketing, health & safety and hygiene, working within the law, client care and self-care, products to use, how to deal with trauma transference and client consultation

Who can learn?

This course if for both men and women (over 21  yrs.) who wishes to learn a Professional Tantric – Tao Bodywork. Previous massage experience or qualifications not compulsory.

What will I learn?

Course begins with Clothes on bodywork. You will learn how to release negative stagnant emotions from the body and how to cultivate positive energies in the body

  1. Theory behind Emotions, trauma and body armouring
  2. How to de-armour by releasing emotions with Bodywork, breath, sounds and body movement
  3. Theory behind opening 7 Chakras and Activating Endocrine system
  4. Anatomy of Male and Female sexual organs
  5. Yoni (Female Prostate) massage & Male Prostate massage
  6. Function of Female Ejaculations and its benefits
  7. Male Ejaculatory control and its benefits
  8. Multi orgasmic response (MORE)
  9. Introduction into:
    1. How to set up a Tantra Temple
    2. Marketing
    3. Working within the Law
    4. Health and safety and hygiene
    5. Client consultation
    6. Trauma Transference
    7. Empathy
    8. Client care
    9. Self-care

Do I get a certificate?

After completion of the course you will be presented with your Tantric Journey Attendance Certificate, stating what you have learnt. Once you successfully complete Module 1-2, attend Practice / Case study weeks and submit 30 case studies and meet the Tantric Journey Assessment Criteria you will be certified as a Tantric Journey Educator(CTJE). You may be then listed in Tantric Journey website subject to approval by the Tantric Journey – Teacher Training Certification Board

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Do I get insurance?

Yes, Click hare

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Code of Conduct:

  • Please note that no explicit sexual activity or nudity takes place during the class, other than the demonstration and practice for educational purposes.
  • All participants to respect each other’s boundaries
  • All sharing to be kept confidential
  • Practical work is assigned with a partner of your choice at your own privacy

How to Prepare for the Weekend Courses and What to Bring

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Light refreshments will be provided throughout the course.
  • You can rent shared fully equipped, in house accommodation, where you can connect with other course participants
  • Bring your own food. Fridge / Freezer is provided to store food
  • Cooker, oven and microwave is also provided
  • No alcohol, drugs, smoking, any other external substances, toxic foods or drinks to be used during and few days before and after the course as it will interfere with your own journey and the detox process
  • Men to abstain from ejaculation to preserve the male chi energy and it is recommended not to have sex few days before, during and after the class to help you work with your own sexual energy to facilitate the deep healing and awakening process.
  • Filtered water is provided to top up your water bottles and drinking lots of water will help the detox process
  • Please note that the Tantra Temple that the course is taught is a peaceful, supportive and healing environment and so it is requested that mobile phones are turned off. Photography and videography are not permitted without prior express permission.
  • Not to park any vehicles on the same road as the temple, but to park in a nearby road and walk up to the temple. Free parking from Friday 5pm and Weekends
  • Not to make too much noise both inside and outside the temple or to disturb the neighbours

How many participants per each Module?

Only 8 participants per each workshop, placements offered on a first come first serve basis. Small groups are designed to help and support individuals to achieve a high standard of learning.

Course Fees for the CTJE Teacher Training
For Modules 1+2 + Case Study – Practice weeks
Option 1
CTJE Course fee (including accommodation): £2995.00
Option 2
Course fee (including accommodation): £3579.00
Course fees: £3309.00
In house accommodation: £270.00
You can book each workshop and accommodation separately using the links below
  1. Introduction to Tantric Journey: £20.00
  2. Module 1:  £675 + £120 for accommodation
  3. Module 2: £900 + £150 for accommodation
  4. Module 1 – Practice / Case study Week (2 days): £514.00
  5. Module 2 – Practice / Case study Week: (7 days) £1200.00

IMPORTANT: If you have significant trauma, particularly sexual trauma, we advise that you first work with one of our professional therapists listed on the Tantric Journey website: or/ arrange a session with Terri George (Tantric Journey holistic counselling): before joining our training programme.

A good level of spoken English is required for enrolling on this training.

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Mal Weeraratne is a trained Tantra therapist and the author of 'Emotional Detox through Bodywork'.

He has spent over twenty five years practising in this field and has developed a healing and awakening technique based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with other holistic therapies that he calls Tantric Journey.

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