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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a treatment strategy to help people who suffer sexual dysfunctions when there is no medical solution.

Some of the female sexual dysfunctions which may be addressed by sex therapy include

  1. Sexual Arousal Disorder, low libido
  2. Orgasmic Disorder
  3. Vaginismus (involuntary vaginal contractions)
  4. Non-consummation
  5. Painful sex
  6. Loss of interest in Sex
  7. Lack of sexual confidence
  8. Assisting people who are recovering from sexual assault or past sexual past negative events
  9. Problems commonly caused by stress and tiredness

10. Other environmental and relationship factors

11. Unable to find a partner or to stay in a long term relationship

Sex therapists assist those experiencing problems in overcoming them, in doing so possibly regaining an active sex life.

Sex therapy has existed in different cultures throughout time, including ancient India, China, Greece, and Rome. It has taken the form of manuals, spells or aphrodisiacs, and tantric yoga, among others. Much of sex therapy and sexual dysfunction in Western cultures was limited to scientific discussion, especially throughout the 19th century and into the early 20th century

Traditional sex therapy is based on talking therapies such as counselling and psychotherapy, which is talking to the mind with none touch approach and mainly treating the symptoms rather than the cause of the symptoms. Also these treatments are used as a temporary solution. Talking therapy works well when body and mind is neurologically connected well. So by taking to the mind one could heal the body. But most deeply disturbed clients dissociate themselves to deal with the pain of the past negative events. In this situation the body and mind gets deeply disconnected making difficult to effectively communicate to each other

Mal Weeraratne at Tantric Journey has identified a successful alternative to this dissociated situation where the traditional sex therapy struggles. Mal Weeraratne believes that most of the sexual dysfunctions are due to blockages in our circulatory and / or energy systems as a result of physical and / or emotional toxins. Once these blocks are removed one could regain an active permanent sex life on a long lasting basis

Therefore instead of talking to the mind to address the bodily dysfunctions, Mal Weeraratne suggests direct deep bodywork at an emotional and physical level to help evoke and release to unblock. He uses three simple keys to unlock, which are breath work, sounds and body movement simultaneously during deep bodywork

Mal Weeraratne has treated over 3000 clients from all walks of life. Contact Mal Weeraratne

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