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Holistic sex therapy - lift to a happy life | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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June 2nd, 2017
Post by Julia Vaya-Mai

Sexuality is quite a trendy discourse today and therefore many studies have been done on the subject as well as good deal of articles, books and publications. Sex is the most searched topic on Google. Porn websites have the highest visits and online dating is on the rise with some 15 million people in UK are registered for online dating.

However statistics show a declining national libido and a collective lack of satisfaction with our sex lives. According to the National Survey of sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) only 34% of the population rated their sex drive above average. Lack of sexual function was found to affect around 15% of men and 30% of women in the current survey. Reported sexual difficulties included difficulty in reaching a climax (16%) and vaginal dryness (13%) in women, and premature ejaculation (15%) and erectile dysfunction (13%) in men. The same study shows that sex is one of the least important factors, with only 2% believing that it is the most important factor in a marriage.

Sexual activity and sexual performance have a crucial impact on our physical and emotional health. Healthy sexual life enhances the immune system (by balancing hormonal levels), improves bladder control, reduces risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension, relieve menstrual and premenstrual cramps, improves the ability to perceive, identify, and express emotions and there are many others.Therefore it is essential to take a closer look at your sex life recognizing the need for improvement and taking a full responsibility for it. It’s important to reveal your desires, needs, likes and dislikes, judgments, sexual identity and boundaries.

There’re many reasons for low sexual function and declining libido such as wrong upbringing, sexual traumas, lack of sex education, social and religious conditioning, taboos, expectations an many so on. Experiencing or being conditioned by one or more of these makes it very difficult to identify the root of a problem. This is why there’s a wide range of sexual health specialists who can offer the right type of help – easily identify the issue and apply the right method. In other words they can offer you a lift towards happier life.

Sexual counselling or sexual psychotherapy is a way of treating sexual dysfunctions, intimacy and emotional issues by talking with a mental health professional. This type of therapist doesn’t have any physical or sexual contact with clients and aims to help clients to explore the psychological side of sex.

Sexual coaching uses a more experiential approach to treating sexual dysfunctions and teaches about sexual pleasure. The sexual couch is more likely to be more direct from the beginning and might use the language of empowerment and incorporate physical (non sexual) contact, sex toys, written erotica etc.

Sexual educator is a person who is qualified in education and sexology and can teach and train clients in sexual subjects.

Sexual surrogate is someone who works with a sex therapist to provide a hand-on adjunct to traditional talk therapy. They help clients with sexual communication and social skills as well as on the mechanics of sexual activities.

Tantric healing is an alternative type of healing based on Tantra – science of energy and consciousness.  Sexual healing seeks to reveal and release the energy knots (suppressed emotions, traumatic experiences, stagnant thoughts) that block a person’s full experience and expression of their sexual energy. These knots come from experiences of sexual traumas, assault, suppressed emotions and punishments and are psycho-somatic having both physical and emotional-psychological manifestations. Tantric healing addresses both the physical and energetic levels of the client.

The approach is a matter of personal preference and needs. It is common though to start with talking therapy but eventually many people chose hands on practice. This somatic approach is more direct as it engages not only the mind (that often erases traumatic experiences from the memory in order to function normally) but the body’s cellular memory that stores all the information about one’s past experiences.

In my sexual therapy in London I pay equally attention to the mind, physical body and energy system. I combine different methods to help client get in touch with their sexuality, and help them identify and release any past negative experiences. I’m not trained in psychotherapy although I use different psychological techniques to identify the client’s issue in the initial conversation and bring their awareness to any blind spots. I then offer a variety of somatic exercises that help to built trust and connect more profoundly with ones needs and desires.  The essential part of the treatment is deep bodywork helping to release tension and suppressed memories, experiences and emotions from the body’s cellular memory as well as the experience of new sensations whilst reaching a deeper level of relaxation. I then use sexual healing techniques to help the energy system to integrate the changes, clear energy pathways and allow sexual energy to move freely through the body.

Depending on the client’s needs I can educate on a different sexual subjects and help clients to enhance their sexual communication, intimacy and advise on relationship issues. I sometimes can recommend seeking an additional professional help(doctor, psychotherapist, energy healer etc.) if different type of support is needed.

I successfully help my clients with: different sexual dysfunctions such a delayed and premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction for men; sexual traumas and abuse for women;orgasmic disorder, body image issues for both men and women. I work with couples to help them to enhance their sexual and intimate life.

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