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Alternative Medicine Berlin – Heil Praktiker Berlin

November 16th, 2018
Post by Kamila
Alernative medicine Berlin Tantric Journey blog The summer is over and most of us are back on track with our daily lives and routines. Perhaps some of us are still a bit lazy and nostalgic. And perhaps some came back with the batteries recharged. Enthusiastic about the upcoming autumn months of harvest and impatient to start reaping what you planted earlier during the year. Well, I am both those things. On the one hand, I found my hometown Valencia to be as beauti... more

Sexual Energy as a Sacred Healing Force

September 19th, 2018
Post by Neemisha
Tantric Journey blog Sexual energy as a sacred healing force Lots of people think that if we are spiritual, then we cannot be sexual and if we are sexual, then we cannot be spiritual. For centuries, sex has been considered taboo, shameful, needs to be hidden and repressed. From social conditioning, we learn that it is shameful to talk about sex, self pleasure and our sexual energy. Sex in the western world is not often viewed as a means to generate a substantial healing force... more
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