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Mal Weeraratne experienced Tantra Specialist and Educator| Tantric Journey
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Country United Kingdom,  
Area London
Treats Couples, Women
Experience30 Year/s
Treatment Time6 hours
Number +44 7956 568227
Mal Weeraratne is a certified and experienced Tantra Educator, the founder of Tantric Journey - School of Healing and Awakening and the author of Emotional Detox through bodywork. Mal Weeraratne is a highly qualified and skilled Tantric Practitioner with nearly 25 years of experience and has treated over 3,500 female clients from a multitude of backgrounds all over the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

With a specialisation in the release of negative and stagnant emotions through deep Tantric bodywork and as the British pioneer of emotional release through bodywork, Mal Weeraratne has been aiding women for over two decades to release trauma and start living a positive life.

Mal Weeraratne has developed Tantric Journey, a healing and awakening technique based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with ground-breaking Western knowledge, to create a powerful and transformative form of therapy that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body.

Acting as a guide, Mal Weeraratne will help clients to:

  1. Find equilibrium.

  2. Clear blockages and subsequently improve the quality of their life.

  3. Free themselves of unwanted symptoms and discomfort.

  4. Find their direction by tuning themselves to their inner needs.

  5. Find freedom from negative patterns through clearance and balance.

He has helped many women overcome difficulties that have prevented them from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity, including:

  1. Inhibited sexual desire

  2. Inability to become aroused

  3. Insufficient vaginal lubrication

  4. Lack of orgasm (anorgasmia)

  5. Painful intercourse(dyspareunia)

  6. Involuntary Spasm of muscles around vaginal wall – vaginismus

  7. Sexual phobias/fears

Mal Weeraratne’s unique and specialist treatment process can also help with a range of non-specific treatments, including:

  1. Depression

  2. Stress

  3. Insatiable boredom

  4. Anxiety

  5. Low esteem

  6. Lack of confidence

  7. Lack of direction

Through his Tantric Journey work, he helps unearth what individuals truly need in their life and relationships. His approach is practical, compassionate and honest.

Mal Weeraratne’s approach makes the client feel like they are the experts of their own experiences and that he is the expert in the process of intervention, which can help them gain optimal personal performance in life.

You can choose from any of the following steps that is most comfortable for you…

  • Book 1 hr Face to Face Consultation with Mal Weeraratne– £130

  • Attend an Evening Talk – FREE

  • Read Emotional Detox Book – £15

Trauma release Yoni massage is highly recommended

“Tantric Journey sessions can transform your life and it is priceless. Also, Tantra is not about whom you practice with, but how you practice,”

Mal Weeraratne.


Mal Weeraratne is not a medical practitioner. Whilst many clients have had positive outcomes from Emotional Detox through Tantric Journey sessions, this modality has not been subject to scientific evaluation, therefore no scientific claim is made that Tantric Journey results in emotional healing. Significant positive change is often seen but cannot be guaranteed, Mal Weeraratne will discuss your therapy goals and aims during your initial consultation and will aim to manage your expectations.

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