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FEMALE - Confidential Questionnaire (L-2 students) | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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Do you suffer from or have you suffered from any of the following?



Heart Problems



Blood Pressure Problems


Back Problems

Have you had any serious illnesses/operations/psychiatric Treatment/counselling or any other therapies over the last five years?

Have you taken any antidepressants?

What would you like to achieve from Tantric Journey Sessions?

Help with sexuality

Help with intimacy

Help with love

Find life long partner

Improve existing relationship

Related Stresses of life

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Stress Symptoms

*Hold CTRL/ALT to select multiple options


Have you had a massage before?

What Massage movements do you like?
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Would you like a female chaperone to be present during the treatment?
*Female chaperon is only available during weekends and weekdays after 6pm with 48 hrs notice and an extra payment of £50

Are there any particular areas in the body that you need to receive more attention?

*Hold CTRL/ALT to select multiple options

Are there any particular areas in the body that you want to AVOID in the massage?

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I am proceeding with the session fully aware of what the treatment involves

Whilst many clients have had positive outcomes from Emotional Detox sessions, this modality has not been subject to scientific evaluation, therefore no scientific claim is made that Tantric Journey results in emotional healing. Significant positive change is often seen but cannot be guaranteed

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