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Yoni Egg Practices to Enhance Your Sex Life & Improve Your Pelvic Muscles - Part Two | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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Yoni Egg Practices to Enhance Your Sex Life & Improve Your Pelvic Muscles – Part Two

Jade egg Tantric Journey

Welcome to second part of our  three part blog series on Yoni Egg Practice to enhance your sex life and improve your pelvic muscles.

Caring for Your Yoni Egg

In the last blog post we looked at how to choose a yoni egg and how to select the best egg for you now its time to look at how to care for your yoni egg

It is essential that your yoni egg is given proper care and attention. Though equal attention must be paid to one’s feminine hygiene prior to beginning this practice. Cleanliness of the vaginal canal and the eggs are equally important

Store your egg in a sacred space; this is a sacred and personal tool. So keep it somewhere private and special.

Please do not use boiling hot water to cleanse this egg – instead use warm water and a mild, unscented soap to gently wash it.

String your egg with non non-waxed, un-flavoured dental floss. Change it regularly. About 25cm is usually enough.

Wash your egg before and after use and store it in the velvet pouch that your egg is supplied in.

*A word of caution about using soap or detergent: some people are allergic to certain chemicals that are found in commercial soap and detergent, especially when inserted into the intimate yoni are where the membranes are very sensitive. Also, many women are unknowingly allergic to alcohol (isopropyl); therefore its use should be avoided for cleansing purposes. We recommend an organic, mild and unscented soap or one designed for intimate female washing.

Caution in Practicing the Egg Exercises

Do not use the egg if you have a sexually transmitted disease or infection.

If you produce very little natural lubrication, use a proprietary lubricant.

If a problem arises and the egg becomes stuck, do not panic. Lie down and relax and laugh. The egg will come out.

Do not use the egg during menstruation.

Do not use if you are pregnant or straight after childbirth

We recommend waiting at least twelve weeks after childbirth before starting yoni egg parctices

Yoni Egg Practices

Using the Egg

  1. Cleanse your egg before and after every use.
  2. Now create a calm and pleasant environment where you can practice with your yoni egg. You are really looking to create a space that is calm and relaxing where you can practice undisturbed. Light candles, incense or play relaxing music…or whatever makes you feel relaxed and the space sacred.
  3. Now thread your yoni egg
  4. Use a natural (un-waxed and un-flavoured) length of dental floss that is thin enough to fit through the Yoni Egg hole when doubled up. Cut a piece that is still approximately 10 inches (25cm) when folded in half
  5. Fold the dental floss in half
  6. Thread the string through the drilled holes in the egg – inserting the end that is folded over first
  7. Now, a loop is created on the side of the yoni egg where the string has exited. Thread the two loose ends through the loop. Now you have secured your string.
  8. Pull it tight. The wider side of the egg should be inserted into the yoni first, so the ends of the string should hang comfortably and within reach.


Take three deep breaths far down in the stomach and relax completely. Keep your Yoni egg in your hand and focus all your attention to it. Now fill your egg with your positive intentions and love for your practice.

When you feel calm and ready, it is time to begin your practice.

We always recommend that you ensure the room you practice in is a comfortable temperature and that you wear comfortable clothes during your exercises, but you must remember that you must follow what you feel is instinctively right for you, some women prefer to practice in yoga pants, others in underwear and some naked. Do what feels comfortable and natural for you!

In order for the yoni egg to enter you easily you may want to use a natural lubricant, if this is the case we recommend you use a pure, organic coconut oil and you may want to hold the egg before inserting it, so that it is warm.

You may want to gently massage the yoni with a small amount of oil to prepare it for the insertion of the yoni egg, but you may also want to consider undertaking a traditional breast massage warm-up as part of your preparation.

Breast Massage

The breasts are directly energetically connected to your Yoni and so a breast massage can be very effective. You can massage with or without an oil, whatever you prefer and you can adapt the method below to suit your own preferences:

Gently cup your breasts. Feel your breasts fill with warm, flowing and loving energy,

Apply a small amount of oil if using. Massage starting from your nipples outward in counterclockwise spirals and circles to the outside edges of your breasts. Circle your breasts completely 20-30 times, with smooth rhythmical movements.

Reverse direction, and massage your breasts in 20-30 clockwise circles and spirals. Inserting your yoni egg

When you feel ready insert your yoni egg. Take the widest part of the egg against your yoni and take a few deep calming breaths until you feel comfortable. It is absolutely essential that you are relaxed and at ease.

Then let the egg slip into your yoni… This should be a relaxing and pleasurable sensation. This is a wonderful opportunity to slow down, unwind and send love and positive intentions to your Yoni.

The first time you practice with your yoni egg you can very well stay at this stage and just breathe and relax with your yoni egg. It is a lovely opportunity to connect with your yoni and get used to using a yoni egg.

Beginning the Exercise

The first time you use the egg, it is natural to feel a little apprehensive, and you will probably want to, and should, take things slowly until you become accustomed to it. Each time before practicing the egg exercise, you must warm yourself by massaging the breasts, making sure the vagina is expanded and some lubricating fluids is being emitted or else apply lubricant. This is very important and this stage must not be omitted.

Insertion of the Yoni Egg 1

Once inserted and when you are ready you can begin to follow the following yoni egg exercises.

Exercise 1

This exercise strengthens the pelvic floor and Yoni muscles, develops awareness in the Yoni muscles, and strengthens the PC muscle. It is important to fully master this first technique before moving on to the other exercises.

Your PC muscle is a muscle that runs from the pubic bone to the tailbone and supports the bladder and bowel. It is the muscle that closes around your egg after you put it in. It can be activated by squeezing around the outside of your Yoni, or the vulva.

Lie down with your back straight and your feet hip-width apart on the ground. Begin to tighten your PC muscles as you try to squeeze your egg from the inside. (In order to locate your PC muscle: Pretend that you are urinating, and then try to stop the flow with a quick muscle contraction.) Squeeze and count to five. Then relax. Repeat this ten times.

Over time, you can increase the time you squeeze your muscles and increase the repetitions.

Exercise 2

Again this exercise is designed to connect you with your yoni and to strengthen the yoni and PC muscles.

Lie down on your back in a sit up position with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.

Leaving your shoulders on the floor, inhale a deep breath and lift your pelvis high into the air, similarly to a bridge pose in yoga, and hold for 3 seconds as you gently squeeze your PC muscle.

Exhale as you slowly lower back to the floor.

Repeat this exercise ten times at first. With practice and over time, you can increase your number of repetitions.

Exercise 3

By now you will be used to inserting and removing your yoni egg as well as having mastered some exercises. Wearing your yoni egg inside of you when you go about your daily tasks is also a very good way to strengthen and activate your yoni muscles. At first, you may find wearing your yoni egg inside you for ten to fifteen minutes at a time is enough, but as you become more experienced you will find that you can comfortably wear them for several hours. Always listen to your body and do what feels instinctively right.

Exercise 4

Lie down on your back with your legs straight out and your arms relaxed at your sides

Inhale a deep breath. Keep your legs straight and then begin to flex your right foot by lifting your toes up so that your foot is straight and your heel is pointing downward.

At the same time, with your right foot, stretch your toes down into a point as if you were standing on the tip of your big toe. Gently squeeze the muscles on the right side of your yoni and hold for 3 seconds.

Exhale and relax.

In the beginning, it may feel difficult to find the left and right yoni muscles, but with practice you will be able to locate and distinguish between your left and right yoni muscles

Switch legs. Inhale a deep breath and flex your right foot while you point your left foot, and gently squeeze the muscles on the left side of your yoni, and hold for 3 seconds.

Practice this exercise ten times and in time it will become easier.

With practice the yoni egg exercises taught here will increase and harness sexual energy, increase personal magnetism, improve overall physical and emotional well-being, promote confident childbirth and teach you to improve the entire pelvic girdle.

Removing the Egg

When removing your yoni egg, the most important thing to do is relax. Don’t worry. Tense muscles will hold the egg in rather than allowing it to work its way out.

Most women find that a gentle tug on the thread they attached to their egg will remove the yoni egg, it is a little like removing a tampon.

It is excellent practice to learn to remove your yoni egg without relying on the thread and to do this is simple with practice.

Make sure you are hydrated, especially if pushing out the egg is challenging for you. If you are dehydrated, your tissues will resist the egg as you try to move it downward; if you are properly hydrated the egg should move with ease.

Stay relaxed, and allow your yoni to remain calm.

Kneel down, either in a deep squat on the ground, or squat over the toilet.

Gently bear down, as if you are going to go to the toilet

Be ready to catch the egg, especially if you are over the toilet

Be sure to slow down and enjoy this transformative moment if you are using your very first egg for the very first time.

Take your time and don’t worry about your egg getting stuck, this is impossible. Your cervix prevents an egg from getting past it. Even women who have had full hysterectomies and have no cervix cannot get a Yoni Egg stuck.

Remember Proper relaxation and hydration alone should bring the egg all the way to the entrance of your Yoni.

If you feel you can’t push it out, you should be able to get it out with your fingers, but with time, practice and a laid-back approach you will soon be able to remove your egg effortlessly.

* In the beginning make sure not to practice on a hard stone or tiled floor so that if the egg drops out, it will not become damaged.

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I’m Mal Weeraratne – Certified Tantra Educator teaching intimacy; Tantra and all forms of sacred sensuality to facilitate journeys into love, intimacy, and sacred sexuality as well as personal transformation leading to spirituality. My teachings can help both men and women to overcome sexual problems, regain feminine empowerment and male consciousness and in all areas of sexuality and female embodiment.

In the past my clients came to me for many reasons, some came to explore aspects of the sexuality, whilst others wanted to explore touch; sensuality or explore their boundaries. Whilst others want to become more sexually empowered or just to start living fully within their own bodies or to overcome fears and inhibitions through releasing their past trauma

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