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The Art of going on a Date with Yourself | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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The Art of going on a Date with Yourself

When faced with family responsibilities and the strain of work and modern day busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to make time for yourself.  However, it is essential that you make time for yourself, for it is not a selfish act to allow yourself time but an investment in your personal health and well-being. After all, you cannot give your best performance to your roles as parent, worker or spouse if you are tired, exhausted and cranky…we all need to carve out some ‘me’ time so that we can nurture and revive our self in body, mind and spirit.

Whether you decide to just make a date with yourself and indulge in a bit of pampering or you decide to take yourself out on a road trip – it’s really important to make time for yourself. It is essential to look after yourself and to practice kindness and self love; one way of doing this is to take yourself out on a date.

You may feel uncomfortable about going on a date with yourself – but rest assured it is a relaxing thing to do, it makes you feel better about yourself and it’s refreshing reminder that it is OK to be alone, no matter where you are.

When we become really busy we are often tempted to try and cram in even more and it can become a priority that we make time for loved ones. The whole thing about spending quality time together can become such a big deal in your head that your expectations of date nights, family trips and meals out can never be met.

Some of the greatest things come from outside our comfort zones and taking yourelf on a date can be one of these. Taking yourself on a date allows you to indulge in your own thoughts and allows your mind to meander. Dressing up, just for you and going out just for you can lead to a newfound confidence and self-value that can change your life.

Allowing yourself the time to get away from your everyday life for even just one hour a week can really help you to replenish your inner confidence and well of creativity. The great thing about spending time alone on a self-date is that you can be yourself or indeed anything you choose to be.

Being alone is nourishing because you’ve got to get out, by yourself, and soak up some creative vibes in order to stay happy, balanced and interesting to others.

Here are 5 Good Reasons to get out on a self date:

1. Freedom! 

When you take yourself on a date night; you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do! You can sit with a journal and plot out that novel that you’ve been wanting to write for years, you can eat at that restaurant that you love and your partner dislikes, you can be who you want to be and this exercise reminds you of who you are, what you love and like and that you can be a brilliant date and most importantly that you can make your own happiness.

2.  There is no agenda…you can relax.  

When you take yourself on a date, you can please yourself and take as long to sip a glass of wine or drink a coffee. On a self date there is only you and there is no one is rushing you.

3. Independence. 

Self-dates can restore confidence and self-independence as they can show you that you are more than capable of being on your own and that you are able to enjoy your own time and space.

4. It makes you more interesting. 

Spending time on your own means that your opinions, preferences and memories are kept alive. Knowing what you want can make you feel more alive and attractive as a date because it’s makes you more interesting as an individual.

5. Get over your fear of being alone. 

The more time you spend nurturing and dating yourself the more you’ll learn about what you want from a partner. Being able to connect with your partner and hold a conversation with him or her about something other than work and children will make you more appealing. It is attractive to be someone that is confident being alone.

In such a fast paced modern life it can be hard to fit everything in, but it is certain that it is important to make time for ourselves and those relationships we cherish.

Tantric Journey, School of Healing & Awakening can help you achieve better health and wellbeing. If you are interested in finding out more, then please visit our website by clicking here.



I’m Mal Weeraratne – Certified Tantra Educator teaching intimacy; Tantra and all forms of sacred sensuality to facilitate journeys into love, intimacy, and sacred sexuality as well as personal transformation leading to spirituality. My teachings can help both men and women to overcome sexual problems, regain feminine empowerment and male consciousness and in all areas of sexuality and female embodiment.

In the past my clients came to me for many reasons, some came to explore aspects of the sexuality, whilst others wanted to explore touch; sensuality or explore their boundaries. Whilst others want to become more sexually empowered or just to start living fully within their own bodies or to overcome fears and inhibitions through releasing their past trauma

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