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The Steps of Emotional Detox through Tantra &Tao Bodywork at Tantric Journey | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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The Steps of Emotional Detox through Tantra &Tao Bodywork at Tantric Journey

Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork at Tantric Journey is to remove negative emotions at a cellular level from the body to change the body from a negative to a positive state. The core aspect of Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork is to remove the repressed and stagnant negative emotions caused by past negative events (physical, psychological, emotional and sexual) so that the individual does not act as a vessel for negativity and will be liberated from the past negative experiences.

When you are set free from the past negative experiences your life finds new positive momentum.

For a better understanding of the study of Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork, read our blog explaining what is the practice of Emotional Detox in a Tantric manner here  and if you like you can read about its expected benefits of the treatment here>> Benefits of Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork

Following are the steps of Emotional Detox through Tantra &Tao Bodywork at Tantric Journey that uses the three keys of every healing modality – breath, sound and movement.


Step 1 – Talking Therapy 

The treatment begins with talking therapy for two reasons. The first reason is to understand the client’s problems and situations that the client finds unsettling. past negative experiences can often be embedded but hidden in a person and will navigate its way through to the surface to invisibly cause emotional upheaval. Such emotions cannot be linked to its source by the client therefore talking can help the practitioner identify any possible source of past negative events.

Talking therapy also helps the client to be relieved of any mental strain or emotions that they have been holding in.  And voicing pain can make a person confront the fact that they have a problem that needs to be addressed, this confrontation is acceptance and acceptance of the prevalent issue makes it easier to release the negative emotions than denial. Therefore the client is at a prepared stage for release.

The second reason for the practice of talking therapy is to create a safe platform for the client. As Emotional Detox through Tantra & Tao Bodywork is a sensitive treatment addressing very personal issues of the client. Talking will help the practitioner and the client to bond and the client would be able to build essential trust towards the practitioner. The client should be able to trust the practitioner in order to open and show the most damaged parts. Also trust is vital as it allows the practitioner to act as a facilitator – facilitator to loosen and evoke the stubborn negative emotions in order to be released by the client.


Step 2 – Breathing Exercises 

Breath is called the ‘life force’ (Prana) that brings in oxygen to our brain and other organs to detoxify. Breathing helps relieve stress, release emotional pain, relieves physical pain, relaxes mind / body and brings in clarity, massages your organs, increases your muscles, strengthens the immune system, improves quality of blood, improves nervous system and makes the heart stronger.

Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork at Tantric Journey employs breathing exercises to release negative emotions. Negative emotions are released as the client breathes out and positive emotions are allowed to move in as the client breathes in.


Step 3 – Meditation 

A meditation session with the practitioner will help quieten the mind by bringing in a sense of self (spirit) where the individual is able to identify negative feelings and with the use of breathing exercises these emotions are released. Meditation is to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. The mind is quietened by letting go of recurrent and clouding thoughts, the body is brought to a relaxed state by aligning into a safe space and the spirit is calmed by feeing  one with self and the surrounding through assurance of love.

Also during the meditation session with the help of the practitioner the chakras are aligned.


Step 4 – Chanting 

Chanting is the repetition of healing mantras with different sounds. Each chakra in our energetic system in our body is linked to a particular sound and the sound and its healing notes can heal the chakra and restore it to its balance.  And as emotions are energy, sounds can help transport the negative emotions out of the body.


Step 5 – Yoga

Healing yoga postures are practiced in order to disperse the negative emotions. The yoga postures open up muscles, release toxins, distribute oxygen to muscle tissues and release healthy hormones.


Step 6 – Bodywork massage

The Bodywork massage technique is crafted in order to evoke the deeply seated negative emotions from the body in order to be released. And when the negative emotions are surfaced the client will be advised to make any relevant sound or body movement as it soothes the client and assists the release. When the negative emotions surface the client will be transported to an alternate state to a moment when the past negative experience took place, this is a confrontation point and would cause discomfort therefore the client will be advised to breathe deeply to release these negative emotions. This massage is a fully clothed massage that will progress at the pace of the client’s comfort.


Step 5 – Yoni Massage

If the client is comfortable and does not feel distressed addressing the evoked negative emotions; with the consent of the client the practitioner will perform the Yoni massage. The Yoni massage also called the G spot massage and Vaginal massage is intended to peel the layers of shame and guilt infused in the intimate genital area. All clients who have had a Yoni massage experience the phenomenon Female Ejaculation which is not a phenomenon. Female Ejaculation is not incontinence and is only a clear liquid produced from the vaginal tissue (female prostrate). Mal Weeraratne who is a Bodywork pioneer in UK and the sole proprietor of Tantric Journey calls the release of female ejaculate as the ‘Yoni crying’; which is the release of negative emotions.

All clients are required to sign a consent form at the start of the treatment.

If you prefer you can watch a demonstration by Mal Weeraratne, here >

The above are the 5 steps of Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork and if you would like to book a session with Mal Weeraratne please click the link below:


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I’m Mal Weeraratne – Certified Tantra Educator teaching intimacy; Tantra and all forms of sacred sensuality to facilitate journeys into love, intimacy, and sacred sexuality as well as personal transformation leading to spirituality. My teachings can help both men and women to overcome sexual problems, regain feminine empowerment and male consciousness and in all areas of sexuality and female embodiment.

In the past my clients came to me for many reasons, some came to explore aspects of the sexuality, whilst others wanted to explore touch; sensuality or explore their boundaries. Whilst others want to become more sexually empowered or just to start living fully within their own bodies or to overcome fears and inhibitions through releasing their past trauma

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