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In Sanskrit Chakra means wheels of light. Chakras are energy centers located in our energy body that spin in a certain direction and speed. Each cell is a Chakra energy center, which consist of 75 Trillion in the human body, out of which there are 7 major Chakra’s in our body along the spinal column. These 7 Chakras are in parallel to our hormone producing glands in the Endocrine system, where each Chakra has a very specific function to keep us in balance and live. Each Chakra is like a spiral galaxy, inter connected like the web in the universe, through our energy body, emotional body, physical body and spiritual body where communications can made to achieve higher states of consciousness.



Chakras are connected to one another through channels called “Nadis”. There are 14 major Nadis and 72,000 general Nadis in the body connecting all seven Chakras. Seven major Chakras are depicted as a cross section of a Lotus flower each having certain number of petals, colour, symbol, sound, direction and a specific function. Major Chakras are connected through 3 following major Nadis called

  1. Sushumna  – the central Nadi
  2. Ida –  the left side of the body (right side of the brain) is the feminine Nadi
  3. Pingala – the right side of the body (left side of the brain) is the masculine Nadi

The number of Lotus petals in each Chakra indicates the number of Nadis that emanate from it that distribute the subtle energies to all the organs throughout the body.

Chakras can be described as supersensitive antennae – transmitting as well as receiving tuned to subtle, yet powerful energies.

In Chinese Tao teachings these Chakras are called Tan-Tien and the equivalent Nadi channels are called Meridians.

C.G. Jung referred to Chakras as the “Gateways of Consciousness”.

First Chakra – ROOT – Red color with 4 Lotus petals

  • Located in the base of the body at the perineum. It’s associated with grounding, security, financial, manifesting, Trust and fear. It is found in the adrenal glands and is associated with survival instincts.

Second Chakra – SACREL – Orange color with 6 Lotus petals 

  • Located just below your navel in the pelvic area. Your sexual energy and life force is here. It’s associated with sexuality, creativity, shame and guilt. It is found in the testes or ovaries and is associated with Sexuality.

Third Chakra – SOLAR PLEXUS – Yellow color with 10 Lotus petals 

  • Located above your navel. It is associated with anger, power, intellect, assertiveness, aggressiveness and self-esteem are found here. It is found in the pancreas and is associated with digestion and Intimacy

Fourth Chakra – HEART – Green color with 12 Lotus petals

  • Located in the center of your chest. Love, compassion, unconditional love is here. It’s associated with sadness, relationship problems, and love. It is in the thymus and is associated with the immune system

Fifth Chakra – THROAT – Blue color with 16 Lotus petals  

  • Located at your throat and is associated with communication and attached to emotions such as fear of verbalizing your thoughts, holding expressions of joy. It is found in the thyroid and is associated with metabolism.

Sixth Chakra – THIRD EYE – Indigo color with 2 Lotus petals

  • Located between the two eye brows. Your psychic abilities, intuition and imagination are associated with this chakra. Being in the flow of life is a main function of this chakra. It is found in the pituitary gland and is associated with hormones & growth.

Seventh Chakra – CROWN – Violet color with 1,000 petals

  • Located at the top of the head and is the connection to the Universe and Source.  It is found in the pineal gland and is associated with body rhythm.




The alignment and balanced energies of other chakras combined allows experience of oneness connecting to the universe uprooting self-actualization, peace, creativity, consciousness and wisdom. The individual is compliant to drastic changes only consuming it with enthusiasm for self development. Emotional health, physical health, mental health and spiritual health are sound. Life is meaningful and fulfilled. 

Crown chakra is the 7th chakra and is biologically relevant to the hormonal gland – human pineal gland. The body parts that is associated with the Crown Chakra is the brain, cerebrum and the skull.

Crown Chakra is the spirit of the human body that is in harmony with the universal forces thrusting ability to interface with cosmic energies. The 7th chakra is known to have 1000 petals representing the energy vortex and its speed of rotation.  In order to initiate the connection between the human body and the universal forces the body’s energy centers or vortices (chakras) should be calibrated. The combined balanced chakras elevate the human body to a state of pure consciousness stretching the mind unlike the contracting rubber band. The aligned chakras introduce the individual mind to immense knowledge and understanding quite way above the planetary plane. The Crown chakra is the last chakra to be activated and can never be the first in line for activation to attain the state of pure consciousness and universal harmony. The state can be achieved by starting with the base chakra called the Root chakra and subsequently moving up to the Crown chakra.

The pineal gland is found close to the pituitary gland. The pineal gland is a prominent gland that secretes many important hormones and melatonin being the most important hormone that regulates sexual function and the sleep cycle. Current research shows that activating the pineal gland through the force of orgasmic energy sends a message to stem cells in the whole body to activate the self-healing mechanism and to enhance the body immune system to promote better health and wellbeing.

One of the main responsibilities apart from producing other hormones is the conversion of signals from the nervous systems for the endocrine signals. A well functional endocrine gland promises good health and longevity.

Also this 7th Chakra tends to work in collaboration with the 6th Chakra which is biological consistent with the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland and pineal gland are in the same proximity endorsed as the main power hormone centers of the brain.

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In Harmony

A balanced Crown chakra brings about unison of the human soul with the universe. Individual ego diminishes by surrendering trust to universal pace. Unfortunate situations are dealt with care and careful prognosis as the individual is aware of his or her capabilities. Tendency to have an emotional downfall and mental confinement are quite low. The individual harbors a ‘go-getter’ or ‘let go’ attitude coming to ‘terms’ with reality but yet hopeful and positive whilst understanding ‘redirection’ of life hence not giving into harmful self-beating but only perseverance. Pineal gland functionality is at its peak ensuring able sexual functionality and very low probability to severe chronic depression.

The human body and the universal forces vibrate at the same pace and there is profound understanding that the Self is a direct reflection of the Universe and Divine. Heart intention is practiced through love and faith from individual deepest being instead of ego intention that arises from fear of lack of inadequacy or losing control. Life of the human soul resonates on the same positive wavelength of the universe. The path of human life will ease and calamities and difficulties will be of less burden and impact. The soul is well nourished and content. The individual with a sound pineal gland is able to retract from psychotic depression by keeping one’s mind upbeat and involving with recommended activities to maintain a healthy mind for a healthy life.


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Out of Harmony

An out of harmony Crown chakra has an out of sync human spirit with a distorted connection with the universal forces and divine. Out of sync Crown chakra brings about action out of fear, anxiety and mistrust leading to depression and rigidity.  

An imbalanced Crown chakra disconnects the human soul from the universe hence outlaying a path of less understanding and knowledge where one acts mainly based on fear. Uncertainty dominantly prevails in the individual’s life time and again directing the path of life towards the deepest fears. The ability to trust in the natural flow of things or occurrences in one’s life lacks. The inability to comprehend the evidences, path and universe messages presented by the universe will take over the individual’s life. The human soul will greatly require replenishment as it will constantly reside in remorse and sadness while feeling ‘stuck’.  The disorder of the pineal gland can cause depression, epilepsy, sexual dysfunction, stress that can lead to decrease of serotonin and melatonin that can lead to severe psychotic depression.


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The Third Eye, the 6th chakra also called the Brow Chakra, works hand in hand with the 7th chakra (Crown Chakra) as the 6th Chakra is biologically related to the pituitary gland which is close the pineal gland (Crown chakra, the 7th chakra). The Third Eye senses the spiritual being and sees all potential. It is a powerful sensory organ able to control and flow spirituality to all parts of the individual. A functioning Third Eye can bring a state of heightened sense. The 6th Chakra (Third Eye) is also called Horus Eye due to its physical resemblance.

The body parts that are associated with the wellbeing of the 6th Chakra the Third Eye are the Face, Nose, Pituitary Gland and Cerebellum. 

Attaining names such as the Horus Eye, the power house nature of the Chakra is instantly disclosed.  The Horus Eye symbolized power, protection and health in ancient Egypt. A well-tuned Third Eye gives insight, intelligence and forewarning regarding the past, future and most importantly the present to be more aware and mindful. Intuition is the sixth sense and a balanced Third Eye through meditation brushes up your intuitive skills.  The benefits include self-trust and belief rigorously motivation oneself and standing by one’s goals. This trust extends to external surroundings including other people. The amplitude of information processing will be acute and a sound bond will be formed with the universe. Physically the Third Eye that is biologically relevant to the pituitary gland harmonizes the body through regulating the circadian sleep cycle, monitoring growth hormones and ensuring proper sexual functions. As mentioned the pituitary gland and the pineal gland work hand in hand hence help regulate similar bodily functions. One is able to be alert and aware when well rested and having obtained the required sleep, lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, indecisiveness, stress, lactic acid formation, depression and metabolic issues. Just as lack of sleep could endanger health over sleep has its repercussions as well. Depressed individuals tend to oversleep.

Hormones produced by the pituitary gland are Prolactin for breast feeding mothers, Growth Hormones (GH)  to maintain muscle mass and bone mass, Adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) which is a ‘stress hormone’ required to maintain our blood pressure and sugar level, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) that regulates the body’s energy balance and thyroid production, Luteinizing hormone (LH) that stimulates testosterone in men and egg release (ovulation) in women and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which promotes sperm production in men and stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs in women. LH & FSH work together.


In Harmony

Oneness of self is realized by individual as one is able to dwell in inner awareness and channel one’s potential and energy towards positive aspects of life. Through constant meditation one will be able to identify the ‘lack’ and use healthy alternatives to refresh the soul. The soul and body are in harmony with the mind as the individual is able to gain inner sights. A calibrated Third Eye prompts healthy sleep pattern, sound metabolic function that leads to organ tissue nutrition enrichment and external appearance fortification. One is prone to make healthy choices in lifestyle may it be eating clean, practicing physical activity or being alert and aware of one’s surrounding whilst exceling at one’s external goals.  

The vibration patterns of the individual’s energy will be tuned to a higher kind and the emotions and instances attracted into one’s life would be of the ones that are of serving. With such spiritual alteration the individual’s thought patterns are revamped to a positive inclination ensuring proper function of the pituitary gland. With sound sleep and rest the body signals the pituitary gland releases the required hormones in acute amounts. Sexual functions will be at peak ensuring proper production of testosterone avoiding diabetes, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis. Testosterone is also linked to men’s life span. Likewise estragon is quite essential for women as the hormone affects almost all cells of the body and apart from its dominant role in pregnancy and reproduction the hormone goes a long way affecting the breasts, liver, heart, brain and other tissues.  Human growth and sexual maturation will be up to par. The pituitary gland also called the ‘master gland’ also secretes the important hormone Oxytocin required for childbirth labour. Other secretions from the pituitary gland that affect the body are water reabsorption and control of blood pressure which are utmost necessities for life.

Out of Harmony

As the individual does not have an intuitive helicopter view, she tends to reject probabilities of hope by ensuring sufficient scientific and logical information is available at all times. The individual is not open to a spiritual realm hence prefers to adhere to a logical sequential maze.  Physical growth is hindered and chemical imbalances arise in brain activity due to malfunctioning of the ‘master gland’. Chronic depression avails due to disrupted circadian rest cycle and other chemical fluctuations in body that leads to overall disorientation and possible sickness.  

Intuition is a survival instinct. Intuition enables one to have knowledge of inner perception also it awakens the individual to their deepest dreams and desires.  Trusting and following intuition can reduce stress and increase happiness.  Without practicing intuition the mentioned will be withdrawn.

Pituitarygland malfunction is called Hypopituitarism. The condition can cause inability to handle stressful situations, infertility and inability to produce breast milk. Among the mentioned issues that can arise from Hypopituitarism sexual functions can take a hard hit causing reproductive issues, dryness of vagina, reduction in sperm production, disrupt growth of reproductive organs, wasting away of the testes and erectile dysfunction – affecting sexuality as whole which affects the individual’s sexual definition. Gender functionality is required to achieve oneness and inner freedom and when the root of reproductive proliferation is affected an individual’s personal ego is disrupted leaving  her inadequate. Hypopituitarism also causes Thyroid Hormone deficiency making one intolerable to cold, weight gain, constipation and dry skin.


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Feelings either negative or positive are turned into expressions in the 5thChakra called the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is said to have 16 petals to denote the speed of rotation in the energy vortex placed under the color spectrum blue. Intuition after judgment is expressed in this Chakra. Provides space from ‘self’ to enable ‘inner reflection’.  The Throat Chakra expresses creativity and one particular form of healing has been expression through music.  

Throat Chakra is associated with listening to one’s intuition and expressing it creatively. Expression can be in the form of communication, art, signing, playing a musical instrument or dancing. The physical body parts that are associated with the well-being of the 5th Chakra are lungs, vocal chords, bronchial, throat, thyroid gland, jaw, neck and nape of neck.

The 5th Chakra is where one sees one’s goals manifest in the physical world, it is the bringing out what is within and what is created in the physical word will be of abundance as the Universe is abundant. The opened Throat Chakra receives abundance from the Universe through its connection formed by the Crown Chakra and inner perception from the Third Eye.

Biologically the endocrine gland related to this Chakra is the Thyroid gland which is essential for growth and regulating hair growth and weight fluctuations. The Thyroid gland is responsible for the proper functioning of the larynx, ears, trachea, teeth, mouth, throat and the carotid arteries. Overall the Throat Chakra does not offer only physical benefits it offers mental and psychological benefits.

In Harmony

Creativity flows naturally and manifesting it physically is effortless. Communication of goals is effective and mode of expression is done with use of best option.

Regulated Thyroid gland harmonizes the main senses of the individual such as sense of smell, hearing, taste and ‘intuitive sense’. This harmony gathers to physically manifest the most creative outcome from the individual. Hair growth in individual is luscious and reflects happiness. Weight maintenance is productive as the metabolic rate is efficient and digestion is at peak. A sound Thyroid gland helps cognition and mood.  

The spiritual alignment of the Third Eye and Crown Chakra allows the Throat Chakra to open and communicate by exerting what is within the individual in the physical world. It is quite obvious creative artists, writers, singers, musicians and other skilled individuals portray their talents through a well-balanced Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra voices the intuition attained by a calibrated Third Eye and the abundance received from the Universe from the Crown Chakra. When these three Chakras are rotating at their said and at least – almost given speed the individual is in harmony with the Universe and etheric body and the Universe are gelled in unison displaying magnificent outcome. The individual is well composed and knows when to speak and listen and when to say nothing at all as he knows what’s unsaid is already understood.

Just as the Pineal & Pituitary gland are highly essential and significant glands in the brain that control the human body, the Thyroid gland in the throat is responsible for normal function. All three glands work hand in hand as many functions of each gland are equally shared only concluding small parts of each hormone secreted from each gland is essential for a fully functional body.

Out of Harmony

An out of harmony Throat Chakra can leave one isolated even in the most social of situations even if the individual has a vast palate of friends. One would feel disconnected and unable to express self and at the least try of expression one would be in rambles and dishevelled. A clear understanding of the series of events will be vacant as in order to connect to any given moment the individual should be able to reciprocate with the physical world. Fear, embarrassment, lack of self-confidence will take over shadowing the individual’s presence into the depths of despair. The relevant endocrine gland, Thyroid gland is affected giving rise to symptoms of lack of thyroid and a condition called Hypothyroidism.  

Spiritually an out of harmony Throat Chakra is going to throw off an individual off balance as the individual is not able to connect to his surroundings as he is not able to communicate his inner most desires or dreams. These desires would linger around wanting to resurface from time to time but due to disoriented sequences or energy the desires will not be able to make way. This would leave the individual blocked, un – heard of, lonely, self-defeated and isolated from other beings and her surroundings. An enclosed mind is a harmful mind, as negative thoughts and vibrations can repeat itself leading one to dire straits. Interdependence out smarts independence. Throat Chakra blockages can result in neck pain, chronic headaches, chronic sore throat, inability to listen and fear of speaking.

Biologically the Thyroid gland suffers causing a condition called Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can affect growth causing stunted growth, affect growth of reproductive organs, affect metabolism which in turns affects digestion and body weight, libido issues and worst of all in severe cases cause memory loss and enlargement of the gland leading to Goiter.


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The fourth Chakra is called the Heart Chakra resembling in green color and denoted by 12 lotus petals. The Heart Chakra fuels the passion in an individual’s life chi whilst aesthetic impulse is processed into emotions. As Friedrich Hegel as said, ‘Nothing in the world has ever been achieved without passion’. The Heart Chakra provides unconditional love it governs the heart, upper back, rib cage, chest, skin, lower lungs, circulatory system and abdominal cavity. Suffering and negative emotions are neutralized.  

One of the essential Chakra and the center of oneness and love is the Heart Chakra. The living organ – heart is the life house of the human body also that defines the whole existence of the individual. Every physical manifestation and metaphysical element in an individual’s life has sprung from the core of the Heart Chakra. Issues of love, jealousy, hurt, betrayal, loneliness and the power to heal ourselves is found in the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra touches our everyday life and in order to feel love and joy it must start within ourselves and extend to others only then we receive love and joy – it is a form of karma. As the center of feeling and emanation of love the Chakra influences every decision of our lives. A closed Heart Chakra can cause disdain and pain where as an open Heart Chakra vibrates one’s life at a heightened ecstatic frequency of virtuous emotions such as joy, happiness and love. Like the great leader Mahatma Ghandi has said, ‘Where there is love, there is life’.

In reference to the human biology, the Heart Chakra is linked to the Thymus gland. The Thymus Gland is the size of a fist during infancy and shrinks in size as aged and only functions until puberty. The gland is located behind the sternum and in between the lungs. This gland is linked to the lymph tissue development and immune system. The Thymus gland is responsible for the production of T – cells which regulates the immune system.

In Harmony

The ‘heart ego’ is the most pure kind, heart intentions take you to the root of your desires. A harmonized and open Heart Chakra is the essence of relationships that maintain the balance between material and spiritual. Biologically related to the most essential and vital organ – the human heart; a well-balanced Heart Chakra helps an individual lead a healthy life in both the emotional and physical arena. The heart ensures a sound circulatory system which is essential for the respiratory system. It is also the core of the Chakra that uproots positive feelings by dampening negative feelings through acceptance of one’s situation dire or not.  

A harmonized Heart Chakra is the root of inner peace in an individual. A strong source of positive energy the Heart Chakra resonates unconditional love. A balanced heart chakra promotes self-love and love for others, it induces empathy, compassion and childlike vision that was instilled since birth. An open Heart Chakra can endure copious amount of despair and pain, it takes it in wave like motions regulating the negative feelings and exuding acceptance and love by ‘letting go’ of the irreversible circumstances. Thoughts of future negative situations are systematically eliminated as the individual is able to comprehend the root cause of such feelings. A self-analysis is conducted and instant action is taken by the individual to fix the thought process ensuring only healthy thoughts are cultivated which antagonistically fixes the individual’s actions leading to wise emotionally healthy decisions. An open Heart Chakra harmonizes with the Throat Chakra, Brow Chakra and the Crown Chakra inviting the individual to a strong linkage with the Universe and placing one in an omnipotent mantle. A sense of undying trust is formed with the Universe where the most unfortunate situations will be of defeat comparatively to the unconditional self – love and comprehension exerted by the individual.

The Heart Chakra is biologically related to the heart which is the power house of the circulatory system acting as the pump to circulate blood that ensures the respiratory system functions as it should distributing the oxygen especially needed by the brain to function. The Sanskrit word for breathing is ‘Pranayama’ which means the ‘breathe of life’, regulating breathe is quite essential in harmonizing the Heart Chakra as the blood circulation is regulated hence the blood pressure dropping stress levels allowing the Thymus Gland and its T- cells to work effectively in stabilizing immunity. Likewise this relaxes the shoulders, hands, breasts and rib cage.

Out of Harmony

The love given by the individual will be based on fear and other insecurities and not genuine. Unconditional giving will not be practiced; giving will be based on advantages for the individual. A sincere block of self –worth would prevail unable to accept love from others. Negative emotions will be amplified and inner peace will be hard to attain. Stress will be a norm and hence the immune system of the individual will not be up to par. A closed Heart Chakra makes an individual detached, distrustful and uncommitted also can cause physical symptoms such as pneumonia, respiratory problems, shoulder and upper arm pain.

A closed Heart Chakra can cause a lot of psychological distress and one is detached to reality and the abundance present. One does not find passion or the forte of interest or an ‘ideal’ way of life. The individual would act mainly based on fear and insecurities as there is not trust with the Universe or a higher being. Self-belief is not prevalent hence love shown will be not genuine and of advantageous nature. Distraught and mayhem will be the center of the individual’s life as the individual will not feel worthy of accepting love from others. Common reasons for a blocked Heart Chakra are a devastating past, heartbreaks and disappointments. Heart disease is a common physical ailment caused by a blocked Heart Chakra and hence why heart attacks were an increase during the recession.  Emotional strain by holding onto negative emotions can affect breathing patterns causing heavy chest, neck strain and back ache. Skin tends to look less lively due to low blood circulation and negative emotions can cause headaches and depression.


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Chakra that denotes being in peace with oneself. At the body center the Chakra harbors the personality of the individual and maintains inner peace and balance with the spiritual and materialistic world. Acceptance is induced and dominancy declines as the Solar Plexus Chakra purifies of the negativity. Self-identity is at the most desired state. Recognized by yellow color in the color spectrum the Chakra is denoted by 10 petals of the lotus flower to indicate the speed of energy rotation. This Chakra biologically related to abdomen, lower back, stomach, liver, spleen, digestive system, gall bladder and nervous system.  The Chakra elevates self-respect, self-responsibility, courage, personal ethics, ambition and discipline.  

A Chakra solely dedicated to form the nature and personality of the individual the Solar Plexus Chakra governs the abdomen area integrating feelings and the ‘being’ of the individual tending to instigate ‘gut feelings’. Most intimate emotions are felt in this Chakra such as fear, sense of rejection, denial, egoism, personal appearance and self-confidence. The root of the individual’s reactions to any situation situates in this physically central Chakra. Due to psychological programming the root emotions are over looked as real time processing versus self-reflection overtakes. Often individuals are true to themselves due to materialistic attachments and portrayed social image. On tuning the Solar Plexus Chakra one is able to live and be grounded in reality by being true to their inner most emotions through self – reflections. This is achieved through acceptance of the negative emotions that loom in the central part of the body and Solar Plexus Chakra. Conquering the negative emotions through amended self-esteem and respect will help loosen away the negative behavioural patterns and allow oneself to access to the Heart Chakra where the deepest of desires and happiness reside. Negative emotions can fester to allow one to behave in an egoistic manner where actions arise from fear and insecurity. Neutralizing the Solar Plexus Chakra will gradually revamp ‘feeling’ system to only increase positive emotions in order to connect to the 4th Chakra the Heart Chakra which will subsequently manifest the desires through communicative ways through the Throat Chakra and provide greater insight from the Third Eye and eventually connect to the Universal abundance through the Crown Chakra. Depletion will be a thing of the past and harmony and inner peace will prevail.

Biologically a blocked Solar Plexus can cause physical ailments such as appendicitis, bowel problems, constipation, diarrheal, hepatitis, hyperglycaemia, liver conditions and pancreatic issues. Medically the Solar Plexus is a tissue area behind the stomach consisting of network of nerves and ganglia that coordinate for adrenal secretion and intestinal secretion. The network has interconnected neurons and said to be the largest autonomic nerve in the abdominal cavity. Also close to the Solar Plexus is the Pancreas which excretes hormones to help break down food into nutrients needed by the body.


In Harmony

Judgments are based on personal perceptions. A no judgment attitude is a clear pathway to happy relationships with oneself and others. A harmonized Solar Plexus Chakra induces a self of wholeness and indefinable acceptance of others. Maintains balance between the cosmic spirituality and the testing materialistic world. One exhibits self – confidence and trial and run attitude in all aspects of life.  Improved metabolism and healthy abdominal area will be positive outcomes of an open Solar Plexus Chakra.  

A constant self-analysis allows the individual to present a sound mind platform. Fears and insecurities will be confronted and negative reactions to such emotions will be omitted. Though the individual would have not yet processed the ‘letting go’ and surrendering to the trust of the Universe yet the individual would be able to identify the root cause of these unsettling emotions. Inner calm and peace will take over as the individual is able to understand himself and not subject to harsh situations that kindle such emotions. Understanding to overcome such deteriorating emotions will begin to become a need. Self-acceptance be it good or bad will begin to prevail and the comfort of being comfortable in one’s skin will take over the individual’s life. One’s capabilities will be unmasked and whether to push oneself further or understand that the current nature of being is sufficient will come to understand. The individual will come to terms with ‘this is who I am’. Contrary to being able to accept oneself the individual will exhibit the exact behaviour with others around him, accepting them for their highs and lows hence making the relationship better and situations harmonized. There is definite balance between the spiritual and materialistic world.

Biologically the abdominal area of the individual is functioning at a good pace, inclusive of bowel activities, nutrition absorption ensuring the right organs and glands receive the required amount of nutrient fuel. Metabolic function will be at a good rate maintaining weight and energy levels. Hence there is less chances of gastritis induced by stress and proper sustenance.

Solar Plexus chakra is the capital of all chakras, which is the largest chakra of all. It is the feeling center (so called Gut feeling or the Second Brain) of the body and also the largest emotional center of the body where emotions are stored in the lining of the digestive system. This is also called the Intimacy Chakra. It represent the 5 sensors such as vision, smelling, hearing, touching and tasting. A blocked chakra will fear intimacy and / or being intimate using any one or some or all of the sensors as a giver or a receiver or both. By opening the 5 sensors fully one could open this chakra which leads to a heart opening in to a loving relationship within you and with others

Out of Harmony

Due to insecurities the individual tends to act out of fear and makes rash decision that can benefit himself within the comfort zone. Material attachments are a necessary as it defines the personality of the individual. Disorders such as eating disorder, nervousness and obesity are a common cause of the Solar Plexus out of harmony. Also there would be physical imbalances in the abdominal area such as ulcers, obesity, anorexia, stomach problems, premature aging and digestive difficulties.  

The individual is not able to feel loved or accepted without material attachments. Self-definition will be poor hence the individual is part of a flock mostly feeling aimless though socially function. Self – acceptance is not up to par hence recognition and validation is required from others and society. There will be blockage in harnessing and channelling spirituality as materialistic values take over. Often the individual is depressed and settles blames on others than taking personal responsibility. Social conditioning and repressing emotions since childhood are the two most main instigators of a blocked Solar Plexus as the society requires one to behave in a logical and practical manner. This Chakra can either spin with excessive energy or deficient energy.

Excessive energy can evoke feelings such as aggression, need to drugs to relax, hoarding and material greed, controlling, blame, workaholic, perfectionist, power – loving, dictatorship and fear of intimacy.

Whilst deficient energy can bring about loss of self – worth, phobia, depression, loneliness, underweight, sexually insecure, poor focus and discipline and inferiority complex.

Physical imbalances biologically related to a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra are stress, bulimia, insomnia, anorexia, panic attacks, diabetes, adrenal problems, liver problems, food allergies, arthritis, obesity, cancer, multiple sclerosis, difficulty breathing and digestive problems.


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  • My knowledge on all previous readings and practice.


The Lower Abdomen Chakra is also called the Sacral chakra which is located below the belly button is  denoted by the color orange and 6 petals of the lotus flower indicating the rotating speed of the Chakra. This Chakra is the center of sexual energy, creativity and pure emotions. Relationships between lovers and friends are influenced by this Chakra.  A balanced Sacral Chakra makes an individual joyous, expressive of love, sexually fulfilled and emotionally sound. An imbalanced Chakra leads the individual to become obsessive, addictive, impotent, and promiscuous and bring about creative blocks. Physical symptoms will be lower back pain, gynaecological issues, male and female prostrate problems and hormonal issues. The physical body parts related to the wellbeing of this Chakra are reproductive organs, kidney, bladder, pelvic area, sperm and all liquids and fluids in the body.  

The Sacral chakra is the storage center of all feelings and emotions. The Chakra is the seat of emotions and all feelings of acceptance of us and others affect all relationships in our lives. The function of the Sacral is to produce joy, happiness, self-love, healthy relationships and ambition.

A balanced Sacral chakra makes you inspired where there is proper life flow. A healthy Chakra makes you lives in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. As John Bradhsaw says, “E-motions are energy in motion.  If they are not expressed, the energy is repressed.  As energy it has to go somewhere.  Emotional energy moves us, as does all energy.  To deny emotion is to deny the ground and vital energy of life.”

If one is blocked and feels inhibitions of  sexuality, the Sacral Chakra needs to be cleansed. The Sanskrit translation for this Chakra is called the gateway to ‘sweetness’ or Amrita, where it talks about the pelvic- heart integration through exchange of love, intimacy and sacred sexuality.  A healed Sacral Chakra will positively affect the emotions.

Physically the areas that are affected in the body in regard to the Sacral Chakra are; uterus, ovaries, male and female prostrate (G spot), bladder, large intestine, appendix, lower abdomen pelvis, lower vertebrae and hips.

In Harmony

The individual is able to express both positive and negative emotions constantly being connected to life. The individual’s nature is kind and compassionate. Be it a sad situation or a good one the individual is able to experience not yearning for tomorrow or yesterday. Decision making is healthy as it is based on real time emotions. Raw creativity is manifested in the form of art. Love and sexuality is felt in peaks as there is no repression of intimacy. Healthy relationships are formed where there is expression of love and intimacy. Friendships and family relationships are at peak that nurtures the soul. The need to show self – love and invest in happy habits become a necessity where addictive and obsessive behaviours are eliminated. The individual is content with oneself without yearning for love or intimacy from others.  

A Sacral Chakra in harmony will bring one to the present moment eliminating numb-ness of feelings and tuning the physical body to the energies around. In Sanskrit this Chakra means ‘Sweetness’, therefore when equilibrium is achieved in this Chakra ‘life is sweet’ as the individual is more conscious of the inner nature and the deep appreciation of emotional wellbeing. It is also important to note the Sacral Chakra can harbor feelings of sadness, shame and fear which will be perceived as healing for the body as the individual has been accustomed to this state, functioning under such emotions for years.  These accustoms feelings residing in the Sacral Chakra which is blocked needs to be reversed to a positive gradient to reap healthy mental and physical results.


Through a balance Sacral Chakra passion for life is great and love is seen in the most mundane things. Relationships with lovers, friends and family will become a part of unconditionally giving and take. As emotions are released both negative and positive, repression will not be a problem not suffocating the individual. The need to give love and take love will become a way of life. All expressions in life will be based on love and passion. The individual will act passion – based. Satisfaction in love, sensuality, intimacy and sexuality will take place. The individual will be content in relationships with her lover, friends and family forming strong bonds. Acceptance becomes a way of life as kindness will be a severe personality trait allowing love into life and giving love when needed. The Sacral Chakra mainly deals with feminine sexual energy where the need to procreate and indulge in intimate sexuality will arise. One’s life is filled with warmth and there will be intense amplitude of warmth exerted towards others. This Chakra brings about maternal instincts. Likewise when the Sacral chakra is in harmony healthy sexual relationships are initiated. Also there is trust that the individual is loved and will always receive love. The need to indulge in sexual relationships will be expressed without suppression which leads to healthy relationships between lovers.

Out of Harmony

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked the individual is numb to emotions, physically retracting the body. Sacred Sex can be sought as a drug and answer to in-depth issues. The individual would be inclined towards a manipulative personality lacking self-esteem and feeling emotionally explosive. Sexual sensations will be less sensual making one feel overly emotional and being controlled by negative emotions.

Currently there are many that seek therapy for sex addiction, sexual and orgasmic dysfunctions and emotional issues. The imbalanced Sacral Chakra causes such extreme inclinations in an individual. This could occur due to past negative experiences, sexually negative upbringing due to environment, cultural and religious belief systems in which case may cause extreme problems to the individual such as the inability to enjoy sex and feel sensual or indulge in excessive sex for having low self – esteem. The body will retract away from all affection and love not able to indulge in healthy relationships and often tend to get involved in inappropriate behavioral relationships due to low self-esteem. Relationships with partners will be strained as one will not be able to connect in a spiritual compassionate level. Relationships with friends and family will suffer as the individual will be withdrawn and harbour a lot of negative suppressed emotions. Maternal love will be strained as intimacy will be hard to express.

Biologically an imbalanced Sacral Chakra can affect the reproductive organs, sexual pleasures, cause urinary tract infections, chronic lower back pain, infertility, gynaecological problems, dysfunctional menstrual cycles and problems with intestine, spleen and gall bladder.


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The Root Chakra connects one to the physical and grounds oneself. The individual is able to comprehend the apparent nature of being and current state. This chakra is denoted by the color red and denoted by 4 petals of the lotus flower to indicate the speed of energy rotation. The associated body parts to this Chakra are the dense solid parts of the body, bones, teeth, nails, legs, arms intestines, anus and prostrate.  

The Root Chakra is the basis of connecting one to the Universe. If one wishes to receive abundance from the Universe and manifest it in one’s life the Root Chakra needs to be healed and opened. Healing begins accepting one’s current nature of things providing one with the require security, safety and trust. Required security can be achieved by making the necessary decision such as moving out of unhealthy relationships, connecting with loved ones and bringing one to safe, secure and trusting environment. One can heal the Root Chakra by opening their mind to concepts of energy and the abundance received through positive reprogramming of the mind and instilling hope. One should ‘feel’ the present nature of things and situations one is subjected to. This Chakra is the first step to receiving abundance and the realization and the want to fine tune one’s life to the fullest. All adrenal glands will be stimulated on grounding oneself when acceptance of current situation takes place. This Chakra connects to the Sacral Chakra making one realize the emotions the caused by the current physical nature of the being then to the Solar Plexus where the most intimate feelings are worked upon which connects to the Heart Chakra evoking the inner most desires are then expressed in the form of art through the Throat Chakra on expression the energy flows to the Third Eye where insight is gained which moves onto the Crown Chakra which connects to the Universe where abundant knowledge beyond comprehension is received.

In Harmony

The Root Chakra in harmony will enter the individual to a new realm – the spiritual realm feeling safe, secured, confident and trusting. The individual realizes a profound connection to nature able to receive new inexperienced energy and experiences. Physical status of the individual becomes more visible and the lows and highs will become more apparent allowing the individual to evaluate the lacks and needs to work on the emotional needs.  

On coming to terms with the individual’s situation, the individual is able to identify the lacks and bring himself to safe environment. Instigating the Root Chakra is to understand the positioning of himself in the current physical and spiritual plane. If its anxiety, pain, addiction, loss or an undesired situation the individual understands the disrupt that is causing chaos in one’s life and take necessary steps to place himself in a desired situation however hard the detachment is to be. A spiritual yearning is evoked in the individual that connects to the physical world. The Root Chakra in harmony will show upcoming warning signs and undesired to the individual. The individual is capable of refusing to the situations that would arise pain and distress. The necessity to make survival decisions will become of habit.

Out of Harmony

Disrupt and chaos will be the centre of the individual’s life when the Root Chakra is out of balance. Repetitive negative habits will prevail subjecting the individual to unhappy situation and a feeling ‘stuck’ will be constant. The ability to identify hazardous situation in comparison to a healthy and ideal situation will not be prevalent. Survival instinct will be low.  

The adrenal glands will not be stimulated in a healthy manner. As stress is constant in the individual’s life, hormones will not be received in good amounts to help the body physically. This can be instigated by negative behaviour such as greed, jealousy, obsession and addictions. External substance misuse will harm the natural cycle of hormones. The body is constantly in chaos and the mind will be disruptive unable to put the individual in a survival mode. The individual invests in continuous negative patterns of misuse, substance misuse, anger, failing situations, unhealthy routines and deteriorating decision making. Progression will not be a part of one’s life as one has not yet made a decision to eliminate oneself from the negative instigator. The individual is repeated to chaos and constantly stress, stuck, sad and depressed.


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I’m Mal Weeraratne – Certified Tantra Educator teaching intimacy; Tantra and all forms of sacred sensuality to facilitate journeys into love, intimacy, and sacred sexuality as well as personal transformation leading to spirituality. My teachings can help both men and women to overcome sexual problems, regain feminine empowerment and male consciousness and in all areas of sexuality and female embodiment.

In the past my clients came to me for many reasons, some came to explore aspects of the sexuality, whilst others wanted to explore touch; sensuality or explore their boundaries. Whilst others want to become more sexually empowered or just to start living fully within their own bodies or to overcome fears and inhibitions through releasing their past trauma

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