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All I want for Christmas is You: Finding a Soulmate | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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All I want for Christmas is You: Finding a Soulmate

If you are looking for your soulmate you are not alone because a US poll revealed earlier this year that 74% men and 71% women believe that they are destined to find their soul mate.

When considering the concept of soulmates it’s hard not to ponder over where the idea that fate will guide us to the one person in the world who completes us and makes us whole came from.  Indeed there are many soulmate theories and much mythology from the Egyptian Gods Osiris and Isis dating back 5,000 years through to Biblical references and Plato’s theory. Indeed throughout history soulmates are referenced and theorised, however, it is easy to be a sceptic and say its just that we need a romantic way of describing intense physical attraction or to mark the very idea down as the stuff of fairytales, but according to Tantric Master and author, Mal Weeraratne, everyone has a soulmate.

In an interview with Mal Weeraratne (watch the video here) he is asked if soulmates exist and how you find one, his response is simple, ‘’You don’t find them, they find you’’.

In this video Mal Weeraratne talks about how when you and a soulmate meet you become connected through your chakras, starting with crown (spiritual chakra).

Then the next stage is to see each other, this is just seeing not touching; then communication, talking and verbally sharing and connecting at the throat chakra level. Mal Weeraratne explains that ‘if you talk long enough you will open your heart chakra and feel love for each other [and] only when you feel that love will you have a deeper connection in the heart [chakra]. This is when you start to become intimate…Intimacy starts in the sacral chakra.

Mal Weeraratne explains that this intimacy is touching, kissing and experiencing physical intimacy without sex. He explains that ‘only when you feel comfortable in this intimacy should you make love’.

Mal Weeraratne explains that the final chakra is then opened if all the other chakras are opened and all elements of the relationship are good. This is where a couple decide to settle down and live together, have children etc. This relationship with soul connection is based on truth, respect and caring about and for one another. It is fairly well balanced with a mutual give and take as opposed to one person doing all the giving while the other does all the taking. In short Mal Weeraratne explains that by connecting with a partner in this way you will grow together in union and will help ,support and guide one another as an equals.

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I’m Mal Weeraratne – Certified Tantra Educator teaching intimacy; Tantra and all forms of sacred sensuality to facilitate journeys into love, intimacy, and sacred sexuality as well as personal transformation leading to spirituality. My teachings can help both men and women to overcome sexual problems, regain feminine empowerment and male consciousness and in all areas of sexuality and female embodiment.

In the past my clients came to me for many reasons, some came to explore aspects of the sexuality, whilst others wanted to explore touch; sensuality or explore their boundaries. Whilst others want to become more sexually empowered or just to start living fully within their own bodies or to overcome fears and inhibitions through releasing their past trauma

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