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You want to become whole - include your dark parts | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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February 4th, 2018
Post by Puria

In the process of being trained as a Voice Dialogue facilitator I recently encountered the voice of darkness and its scream for recognition and acceptance. It was so loud and clear that I want to express it in this article in order that it can be heard from as many people as possible.

What is Voice Dialogue?

To keep it short and simple, it is a modality where a facilitator talks to voices or parts of a clients personality, which are also called subpersonalities. Important is the facilitators attitude of acceptance, non judgement, authenticity and curiosity. It is a self discovery process with the aim to develope a loving relationship to all different parts and voices of yourself and through that expanding consciousness and having a bigger capacity for compassion not only towards oneself but also to other beings.

What is the value of that for bodywork?

If the practitioner is connected and aware to many of his parts, this will create a safe container for the client. It invites the client to be open and to connect with deep, maybe unknown, fearful, dangerous and powerful parts. I want to mention that this applies not only to the specific part of darkness it is true for all parts. The more the practitioner is aware of the different aspects of his psyche and has a loving relationship towards them, the better he can truly embody unconditional love in the session. If you feel held and met in all that you are and what you bring to the session it is more easy to relax, to let go because you don’t need to hold something back or hide.

How the darkness describes itself

“I am dark, dense and heavy. I feel big, strong and powerful but with the current state of modern society, I am restricted and limited, as if I am caught in a tiny room without windows. Sometimes I am allowed to go out into the streets amongst people. But they don’t notice me, they don’t look at me. I have the impression that they don’t want to face me, don’t want to relate to me, so they behave as if I would not exist. Sometimes they actively turn away from me.

If the person I am part of, isn’t aware of me, he can take those reactions personal and might feel rejected, but it is not about the person itself, it is about my presence in this person which often makes people feel uncomfortable or brings up fear or a certain flavour of insecurity. They don’t like those feelings and therefore avoid connecting.

I feel isolated, because people avoid connecting with me. It gives me a sense of not being allowed to be a part of life. It is a pitty that almost all of humanity is not aware of my importance. And jet I am alive, often in distorted ways like, drug consumption, different kinds of abuse, power struggle and its misuse etc.”

Darkness shares its importance

“I am a force of nature. I am an intrinsic part of the web of life, wether humanity likes that or not. I am half of existance. If you imagine a sphere, the upper half represents the light and the down half the darkness. I can’t be ignored without major consequences. Tribe cultures know about my value but modern society tries to eliminate, or at least ignores me. This is stupid. So stupid. It is against the organic compositions of natural powers. Without me the natural balance is endangered.

If people are not connected with me they lack their roots, they lack a healthy understanding of power, they lack balance, they lack a deeper meaning in their life. They will never feel totally right and completely loved when they don’t include me. Because I am part of everything, that means I am also a part of them. So they have the feeling only being half accepted or loved. Does this make sense? It is that simple.

Darkness screams for recognition and being included

“I cant say it loud and clear enough that I am a fundamental part of the energies life existes of. I am not evil, I am not rude, I care for life. I follow the natural laws of a higher order, allthough my presence and movements can appear to be chaotic. This is only the perspective from a narrow view point. I make things possible which wouldn’t exist without me. I make it possible that fruit trees have many harvests again and again. I make it possible that a soul can end its life cycle in a specific setting and come again into a new configuration of life. I make it possible that a huge flood can clear an area and bring water to arid land. I am part of the care taking of the intelligente balance of life, which is beyond peoples mental understanding. I am important! Your life would be enriched if you would be aware of me, acknowledge me, accept me, appreciate me and would include my wisdom. You would have less trouble, more depth, real nourishment and deeper meaning in your life. I know, this is not easy for you to hear – how about you give it a try”

Invitation to become whole

I want to invite you to be open to this message and see if it resonates in you. The message isn’t entiteled to be THE truth or absolutely complete. It is simply an invitation to be more sensitive about how open you are to be a welcoming host for all the different parts of your psyche. It is said that we can’t get rid of parts, we can only change our relationship towards them and be either an expression of a war zone or an expression of harmony and balance inside ourselves. How can the outer reality be another expression then what we have as an inner atmosphere? It might be an underestimated contribution to world peace, to come into appreciation and compassion inside of yourself. Are you ready for exploring that as an opportunity? The effects might surprise you.

I wish you all the best on your journey of becoming more of who you truly are, becoming a whole human being, enjoying life by including its diversity.

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