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Will I achieve orgasms during a Yoni massage? | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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June 29th, 2018
Post by Kaiho Prem
Tantric Journey blog Tantra - Orgasmic but not sexual

Here’s a question I often get about Tantric Journey:

It’s very difficult or impossible for me to experience orgasm. Will I experience orgasms during a Yoni massage?

My answer:

First of all, there are various reasons why someone could have difficulties achieving orgasm. There could be physical reasons such as insufficient blood supply to the sexual organs, or emotionally related reasons such as trauma stored in the genital tissues. Very often, women experience difficulties to achieve orgasm because of habitual performance pressure, feeling like they ‘need’ to achieve orgasm in order to satisfy their partner. There is often a combination of various factors, and most of them will be addressed during a Tantric Journey session. Because of this, there is a high probability of achieving orgasm during the Yoni Massage. If your sexual energy is very blocked, and you have difficulties achieving orgasm, you may experience orgasm in the first session, but depending on your circumstances, it may take more than one session. It’s important to note that Tantric Journey is not about achieving orgasms. Tantric Journey is focused on clearing blockages and bringing freedom, love and pleasure to sexuality. Orgasms are not a goal, but they are a consequence of moving from blockage to freedom. For this reason, I will gently invite you during a Yoni Massage to forget all about orgasms.

Kaiho offers Tantric Yoni Massage in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Tokyo (Japan).

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