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June 28th, 2017
Post by Banu

How much are you in contact with the world around you? How open and alive do you feel?

We connect with the outer world through our senses. Even though it is a limited way of perceiving the unperceivable, if we develop our senses, or our ability to feel, we can experience the world in a more profound way. The touch can be a touch, the taste can be ecstatic. When we are here, we are here. Our presence calms and comforts others. This is the way of tantric living. To be involved every moment with life by giving our full attention. To be alive and connected with ourselves and the world around us almost all the time.

One of the ways to open our senses is to develop the awareness of elements in our life. The five elements, or tattvas, are earth, water, fire, air and ether. Earth is solid, grounding, abundant and heavy. It is the element of root chakra, our center for safety and survival. When we are connected to earth, we become present, we feel safe and protected. Water is the flowing, emotional, artistic muse in us. It opens us to our feeling nature and intuition. Fire is the element of desire, passion, and will. Its home is the third chakra, where all our willpower and potential for intimacy is seated. Air is the breath, the wind, the breeze in the heart. The most mysterious one, ether is where all the elements emerge from and return to. It is the space in between. Uncomprehensible, empty, magnetic. It is the field of energy healing.

In a session of Tantric Journey, one can get to experience all these elements in their embodied ways. While the body is grounded by solid and present touch, it is also nourished by the flowing movements. Once the sexual energy, or fire, is activated, it is used as a fuel to emotionally and physically detox the person from traumas, negative feelings and blockages. Breath, one of the most important elements in tantra is used to direct energy and cleanse. All this healing takes place in a strong energy field, held by the practitioner. Once all the elements are activated, energy can freely travel along the spine, into each cell, regenerating and strengthening one’s wellbeing, creativity, aliveness. This is the way of tantric living. To be connected with who you are, and with the world around you, through awakened and heightened senses, to enjoy a heart centered, prosperous, joyful life that is worth living.B

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