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Sexual Alchemy & Healing Love | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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October 30th, 2017
Post by Jade Lotus

Starting to transform yourself

Embarking on a journey of sexual alchemy is an incredible journey into the depth of human experience that anyone can enjoy. It’s a journey into the depth of your own personal Universe, a chance to discover your essence as a spiritual and sexual being. When the true energy of sexual power is awakened, we are open to a new experience of our bodies as conduits of pleasure, and simultaneously have access to new spiritual experiences that are the result of true connection within ourselves, which manifests on another level as connection with Universal forces.

Sexual Alchemy is about taking the sexual experience from a never satisfied quest for further stimulation, which often can result in numbness and sexual dysfunction, to one which is energetically connected so that the sensations you feel from a slight touch are enormous. You can learn to have full body and multiple orgasms with every sexual experience going deeper and deeper, using ecstasy to access spiritual realms. The Taoist sexual practices focus on cultivating orgasmic energy and spreading it around the body so that you can become full body and multi orgasmic. As well as feeling incredible, this process is very healing and is a medium for spiritual connection. This orgasmic energy can then be connected with the loving energy of the Heart, an alchemical catalyst that amplifies the energy and brings healing to your whole body on a cellular level.

The first stage of sexual alchemy and healing love practices and working with your sexual energy is to learn to focus your mind and understand and effect your emotions. Learning to master and balance your emotions clears blockages from your energy and allows the energy to flow. Sexual energy does two thing: it binds and it amplifies what is already there. Amplifying negative emotions and spreading them around the body with powerful energy can increase fear or anger, causing mood swings and pains. Following basic practices to respect and work safely with this powerful energy is important. Opening the flow of chi in your microcosmic orbit is the first step to allowing  jing (sexual energy) to travel through your body safely.

Come into the practice with a pure Heart that is full of Love and connected with the sexual energy.  If your Heart feels empty or closed it’s important to do self love practices and activate your Heart energy with love. Love yourself, give yourself love, only then can you give that love to another.  It is not about lust or extreme sexual expression, which becomes superfluous with this practice.  It is about tuning in to the spiritual, into Love energy vibrations, and allowing that to permeate your whole being.  It is about finding connection within yourself, between the divine yin and yang within, between love energy and orgasmic energy, and then connecting soul to soul with your beloved and exploring the depths of a million Universes between the two of you.  When you have developed this practice you will be able to make love with yourself, your beloved or the Universal forces without any physical stimulation because it will become a spiritual act in which you will experience a pure ecstasy of oneness.

Awakening your energy body

Through practicing the microcosmic orbit you will start to feel chi moving through your body.  You will feel energised and enlivened and possibly be feeling warm, buzzing or electrical currents moving in the body. Once you have opened this pathway and the chi is moving, the jing can follow the same path.  The first step is to familiarise yourself with unaroused sexual energy.  An instructor can teach you how to move this energy safely and effectively from your ovaries or testicles up your spine and into your head, and then take it to store it safely in your lower tan tien.  This is healing and enlivening energy that is often wasted through mundane sexual activity where it is stuck in the genitals and unable to flow around the body to be used for healing.

Working with Orgasmic Energy

As you become familiar with your jing and how it feels, you will start to be able to work with aroused sexual energy. This means bringing orgasmic energy up the spine into the Brain. This is very healing energy that enlivens the brain, improving concentration, and then can be taken to other parts of the body which need healing. The whole body becomes so sensitive touch is not even needed to send waves of orgasmic energy shooting up your spine. The person starts to experience full body orgasms as their energy body is awakened and their sexual power reaches it’s potential. At the same time, lust and frustration are replaced by pleasure and love as sexual energy moves up and is transformed as it combines with love and spiritual energy. The result of these practices when done properly is a pure and respectful love for the self, increased health and spiritual connection and others as well as the ability to practice celibacy in a healthy way.

Returning the Jing to Feed the Brain

The path of energy described here is along the thrusting channel which travels straight up the midline of the body from the perineum to the crown. There is also a channel up the back (Du Mai) and up the front (Ren Mai). These channels feed the 12 organ meridians and the twelve organs with yin and yang energy. The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation makes use of these channels, moving chi up and down the back or front to nourish the body. At a more advanced level, practitioners can start to move jing, or sexual energy up the spine to the brain. This is how men go from the experience of losing energy through ejaculation to spreading their energy around their body, improving mental clarity by nourishing their brain with this energy and being able to experience full body orgasms by spreading orgasmic energy around their body. Women also can move sexual and orgasmic energy around their bodies to experience full body orgasm. To Taoists, mixing the energy of love with the energy of love with the energy of orgasm is one of the secrets of long life and health because it returns individual cells to homeostasis with the vibrations that it creates.

Cultivating yin and yang energy with another soul

Once you have mastered your emotions and your own sexual energy, you are ready to practice with your partner.  It is best for them to have practiced also, or at least be spiritually inclined.  Once you have cultivated your energy to a high level you need to be careful about what energy you are mixing with it.  When you make love with someone you take on their energy and also the energy of their former lovers. It is inevitable that your newly cultivated energy will activate during love making and mix with your lovers.  If the person has not cultivate virtue energy the results are pretty predictable.  You can lose a lot of energy, take on bad energy or your energy could go into your lovers and cause blockages.  I say this because this is a serious practice where you are using energies that need to be treated with total respect. Dual cultivation practice allows partners to heal each other and to balance each others yin and yang energy, but to do so in a casual way is likely to lead to problems.


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