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Emotional Detox Seen by the Eyes of a Therapist and a Client (Male Massage Therapy) | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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July 7th, 2017
Post by Jana Schoberova

Here is the follow-up of my previous article where a female massage therapy was described from both sides. In this article I will try to capture and describe similarly a specific male massage therapy so that the reader has a specific example on how Emotional detox can happen in a man. Again, the article is complemented by client’s feedbacks – the first one immediately after the therapy and the second and third one after some time distance. (My sincere thanks belong to the client Laďa for the possibility of sharing and publishing his experiences).

This client went through a few shorter therapies with me before. The reasons for trying Emotional detox were his feelings of sadness and stress that had followed him through his life and that emerged after the last tantric massage when we most probably touched one of his traumas. I explained to him how the body-stored emotions work and I suggested to him that we can try a more intensive tantric body work next time. He gladly agreed.

Since I knew the client from before I had already the feeling on what to expect. In his case I consider it beneficial because I knew he is a determined person and aims at doing things with huge effort and simultaneously with dedication. Since he is a man who enjoys the principle ¨all or nothing”; the whole therapy was influenced by this nature of his. (Saying this does not mean that it is always advantageous. Each person functions on a different principle which is OK. Someone possesses a strong control and is afraid of letting go; then there is the need of slowly building up the trust in the process, otherwise his limits and comfort would be disturbed too much. There should always be a respect for the individuality and for the way through which a person opens up and allows himself/herself to push the borders of his/her comfort zone where he/she feels secure.)

Description of the therapy:

At first I explain to the client the whole sequence and the principle the therapy is based on, how to breathe, how to release emotions and possible pain through voice (sound), as I do with each client who comes for the Emotional detox for the first time.

After the shower we do a short movement meditation to release at least some tension from the body and relax the mind. Then we start the therapy with the initial ritual to connect energetically – this beautiful part of the massage is quite appreciated by the clients:

My hands are laying on his, we breathe together and when the feeling of this being the right moment comes, each of us devotes inside the whole coming therapy to something greater. It is a delicate thought gesture that often allows people let go of fears and of exaggerated control that could prevent spontaneous experiences. Then I use gentle touches to tune up his body, to feel closeness and security.

The massage itself then starts with client lying on his belly, thus from the back. First without oil, using only intensive relaxation and deep pressure massage; then it is exchanged by very gentle touch or touchless contact (a beautiful play with the relaxed energy that often brings euphoric feelings). The client is collaborating excellently using breath and sound giving me signs on where the painful spots are and how nearable the pain is.

Around pelvis, sacrum and lumbar region I feel strong tightness, I pay more attention there as these places are crucial. The client tells me also himself that he feels these areas to be tight and that I can use more pressure there. As I know the sturdiness and devotion of the client to go up to the extreme I am prepared – considering a relatively large pressure that I have been using already – to react on any retraction of his body more than on his mind’s determination. The body is very wise and when something goes beyond bearable limits it tightens. And that is not good for the therapy –it is good to go only up to a pain during which the body can stay relaxed. To withstand extreme pain is only the decision of the mind – at the cost of body tightness, and it does not usually lead anywhere as traumas remain staying in the tight body.

This is quite obvious here – from client’s breath and strong sound expressions I perceive strong pain in some areas; despite of this, his body stays fully relaxed also in these moments. He nicely manages to release pain and the related emotions using breath and sound proportionally to their intensity. When I notice any subtle retraction in his body I lower the pressure but this occurs only rarely. The determination and collaboration of the client is allowing me to go into deep pains inside his body. Simultaneously it is for me an interesting interaction with his body language that knows exactly how much it can be released in every specific moment.

It is now the time for a whole body oil massage which is perceived pleasantly and blissfully; then pressure points around pelvis, perineum and successively we come to the prostate massage. Since the body is nicely relaxed already, it allows us to go inside relatively easily and go into the rectum for the prostate massage. I work slowly, relaxing the rectal area with a very gentle touch until we come to the prostate. Very slowly I try to add more pressure and I wait for the client’s reaction. Often there is pain even with very gentle stimulation due to the previous therapeutic work. This is because the body is in a deeply relaxed state, trustful, and it allows realizing and releasing long-time suppressed emotions, mostly in the form of pain.

From the client’s sound feedback I notice pain and I support him in expressing everything by any means. He confirms that it hurts a lot but tells me not to be afraid to use even more pressure as he feels like he wants to connect with this pain and shout it out. I must smile inside me to his internal complete devotion and I cheer for it. So I add a bit more pressure but I keep checking the tension/relaxation in the body; I tune myself to it so that I can perceive whether he keeps being present in the body despite of the pain and he is not „floating away“.

After some time I sense that I should end the prostate massage; we will come back to it in the second half of the massage and I know that the things which got started during the first massage will be, in some sense, finished during the second one. The client agrees with making a short break to take a drink, etc.

Then I continue with the massage of the front body. Besides of many pleasant sensations there are also quite painful pressure points at the belly, pubic bone and lower abdomen. It is a very important part of the massage, I stay there for a relatively long time, we are managing to breathe it through and relax the pain. At the end of the massage I feel „something“ inside of his body, I slowly move my hand from the lower abdomen over the solar plexus, chest and the neck, and in the moment when I reach the mouth, the client experiences a strong sneeze. It is interesting how the body can get rid of the released tension…

His body then reacts very nicely on a gentle touch.

I slowly finish massaging the rest of the body, take care of the remaining pressure points and come to the second prostate massage. I ask the client whether he feels like going for this massage once again. He agrees as he feels himself that the prostate massage is the key to releasing emotional toxins, respectively the blocks that are most suppressed by men though their lives.

The second prostate massage is a an absolute follow up of the experiences from the first one; there is a lot of pain but the client manages to breathe through it, he wants again to fully connect with the pain in this area. Considering the pain in the prostate area I try to gently massage his lingam with my other hand so that the body can get also some positive sensation and can be able to manage the emotions and pain better. When perceiving his sound expressions and breath, in one moment I feel really a deep sorrow, almost from the depth of his soul. Automatically I start synchronously with him to inhale it, as if into the heart, and exhale it out, transformed by the heart quality. (This is a strongly tantric technique which comes to me spontaneously sometimes when I am presented with a large pain of another person. It is fascinating how a large wave of love, compassion and a kind of deep understanding comes out spontaneously. Heart /heart chakra/ has the capacity to transform everything into a wave of love and often it changes also the state of the person who has no idea of this internal process…).

After a few cycles of inhales and exhales I feel how the pain and agony changed into a total ecstasy. It shifted within a second. I try to spread this state into the whole body. It is a beautiful moment of presence that I witness and I also experience it with him in some sense.

Then I slowly continue with the massage of lingam and testicles where I stay for a long time; the client is in some kind of trance state being absolutely open to anything that comes. I tune up to this state and experience all the energetic waves with him. Time ceases to exist now, it is like being in complete presence (which I would rather call “universal love”) with the other person but the separation disappears here. It is difficult to describe these perceptions. It is simply love, connection, bliss, state without questions, when everything is clear…

After some time I end the massage, or I should rather say that “something” leads me to it, the whole process in fact “lives a life of its own”. I spread the energy in the whole body for the last time, I lay in embracement with the client and we stay like this for some time.

After returning to normal perceptions I give the client the possibility to share anything what he considers important. He is full of experiences from the second prostate massage, he describes to me how the strong pain suddenly escalated into its maximum and in that moment it changed into a sensation of a strong orgasm that lasted for a long time and devoured him; the pain disappeared only the bliss stayed in the body. And it was without any ejaculation….

So a released trauma can also look this way 🙂

The client feels very well, happy and excited after the therapy. Despite of this I alert him during farewell that anything can be happening during the next days because the therapy was very deep and intensive. There could be body pain, emotional waves, fatigue… The body will keep cleaning itself.

Now, he is charged with energy that will certainly help him to finish up the healing processes in his body. Despite of this, many people feel the processes after the therapy for days or weeks (weeks in exceptional cases) before everything settles down.

I also ask the client to inform me after a few days on how he feels.


(the duration of therapy, including introductory discussion, meditation and sharing – slightly above 6 hours)

Sharing of the client 2 days after therapy:

Hello Jana,

Well I should say that you really gave me a hard time! J

Until I was at your place, everything was all right, I felt just great, as always in your presence. But after I left, it started coming. On the way home I started to feel very tired, I stopped at a gas station for coffee and sandwich. Then I drove home relatively slowly and carefully and, I am not sure whether it was because of the detox, I got diarrhoea when I arrived home. So I did not feel well in the evening, partly in the night and in the morning. The second day I felt like being broken and full of pain. Not that I could not walk, but even now I feel that you gave me a hard time. Additionally I have a headache J.

But you were right that my breathing is excellent now!

Well, I can say that it was a real DETOX. I think that my body is still getting rid of bad things in this way, successively. I have an impression like we may have opened perhaps all the tough and painful closed doors in my body and then we let a massive stream of energy flow through there.

I feel that now everything is settling back down but in a different way, being released from the bad things, and that the intervention was a radical one, but I am glad for it. I am glad that I opened up at the painful spots, that I relaxed maximally and shouted it out.
I need to tell you one more thing; from the first moment I was so “megarelaxed” during the therapy; I devoted myself to something greater, as you told me, and I felt that I completely surrendered to You (it felt just natural). You could have done anything to me in any way, I was like a dummy, I fully trust you. For the first hour I felt like being in a real paradise and I was losing my consciousness from time to time from the bliss, really! Often I had that feeling of maximal joy and happiness from that there is nothing more beautiful in the world. In short, I was totally, most happy!

You were also right about the sound, you stop thinking about anything, it helped me a lot and I had my mind fully clean during the detox.
The most crucial was the experience during the second prostate massage when it really did hurt badly and the sound (shout) gave me the energy to overcome it. I could compare it to being in some kind of trance when I was not noticing much on what was happening as if the pain accumulated to the level of being almost unbearable and the pain and shout devoured me fully. But the reward which followed was worth it. I then felt like you gave everything into it, and then it came at once, as if releasing the cork of a Champagne, like a geyser. It really shot me out into the space, it was huge. For comparison – orgasmic states that I know from lingam stimulation looked like nothing extraordinary when compared to this experience.

The following spreading of the energy over the body you did was a liniment for my soul, you could mince the bliss, I can tell, a Beauty. It was like I was then (maybe for an hour) at the edge of the abyss of orgasm, so beautiful, excellent, relaxing and dangerous of falling down there… , but simultaneously 100% under control, I had a natural and easy total control over it, which was very strange. Sometimes I thought I was over the edge but I was not, I was losing my consciousness from the bliss, the omnipresent energy was really massive.

The final accumulation and spreading out of the energy really helped me a lot after the pain. Although – I must admit – I do not why, but during this part I had my head full of only You. It was like being connected by heart and soul, I cannot describe it, but I have probably not experienced anything more beautiful in my life. It was just extraordinary that, in fact, I was “only” receiving your massage, there was nothing more between us, but it felt like we completely merged. I really appreciate and value You, really very much so.

And thank You for that I could strongly embrace You at the end, my heart was shaking my whole body and was smiling from all that joy, happiness and bliss!

This reminds me that my heart was shaking a lot already during the first half of the massage. It totally vibrated and it kind of played in tune with the sound. It was all flooding me. Anyway, the sound was great, the energy flew through it and the pain went away and it gave me the energy to overcome it all. It was just unbelievable!

One more thing I should tell You – I have now totally “megabeautiful” dreams, I do not quite know about what, but they are full of light, clean, virgin-like J

You are an Angel, Jana, thank You for having the possibility to spend such unbelievable moments with You!

Thank You also for “hearing me out” now; after the detox I wanted to tell You so many things but the brain was not yet functioning 100%, respectively so many things happened during that afternoon that it was impossible to remember it all!

Thank You, Jana, that You are here for me! You are a jewel!


Client’s sharing 2 weeks after the therapy:

Hello Jana,

I feel that I am all settled now, but it lasted for a week.

I perceive now that I managed to get rid of something “bad”, I lost something that was not needed. I have to admit that I feel much better and more joyful; somehow more peaceful, without stress and nervousness. I merely feel it inside me and I see it on my behaviour. I am much more balanced.

Before the detox I was many times like “on needles” and was needlessly nervous, without really knowing why. Now it is gone. I hoped a bit that I could get rid of it because it annoyed me and I fully sensed it. But I did not expect that it will manage to succeed so quickly and for the first time!

Also, from distance I would like to appreciate Your professionality, You nicely explained it all at the beginning and clarified what will be happening. I think it was really good for me that I already had a massage from You before. I knew, at least roughly, what will be happening so I was not nervous and I could relax, I fully trusted You…

That jumping (meditation based on body shaking ,:) note) at the beginning was superb, it shook out the pointless things from my head and I was excellently tuned up and ready.

As I wrote before, I fully gave myself to You and the beginning of the detox was like a real soul candy for me, in some moments I was floating away to good-knows-where from the bliss. Then the Detox started and some spots were in fact hurting more than I expected, but you knew exactly how and where to press more. I think the largest block was at my prostate. It was excellent that you meticulously massaged the sacrum and lumbar region; the following prostate massage, when I was on my tummy, had already the surroundings (or how should I call it) prepared.

But the second massage was also needed, when I was on my back, it all released suddenly. It was like I suddenly moved from a junkyard (of blocks and pain) to the edge of Grand Canyon, simply a fantasy. I only stared in awe on what I see, respectively on what I perceive and experience. It was an experience full of light, a clean moment in life. You were incredible, everything was happening exactly the way it should have.

It was than an absolutely intense experience until the end, and then the embracement… And at the end we talked about all of it, naked, simply perfect!

I mention one more thing – the main “bad thing” I sensed to be released out as if from the pelvic area but it released also upwards during the massage a lot. You surely remember – I told you that. It was like a bubble, I perceived it, as if being real, to travel from the abdomen over the stomach, lungs, up to the nose, and then I had to sneeze it out. Afterwards I felt like that bubble increased the corridor in my body so that more mas of energy could flow through.

During the whole detox my states of joy and fab were exchanging with painful and terrible states, but it was worth it. It was a large intrusion; I believe this also because I went 100% for it, head ahead, because I trusted You so much and thus, shortly, we managed it excellently!

So thank You again so much, Jana, for the hundredth time!

You have unbelievable abilities and I am very grateful to You for all this.


2 months after the therapy:

Hello Jana,

When reading the article several times it reminded me of the whole process of the detox from the beginning until the present moment and I realized that it all settled down 100% only after a month, or month and half after the detox. It really took a long time.

But what is really neat is that I feel absolutely fantastic. I simply have to write you this. I’m now so, SO relaxed that it is almost impossible. I have now the feeling that everything is as it should be, that I do not miss anything, I am not stressing myself out, I am not rushing anywhere, I would not want to change anything in my life. I feel really great. Now, thanks to your article I realized it fully. As if I have now the picture of comparisons – similar to the ones found in magazines “before and after the diet” – so now I see it, respectively I feel the huge change inside!

I am very happy, balanced; I found some kind of inner peace. Sometimes I breathe through the chakras myself and it really calms me down and heals me. I feel even healthier J

I am glad that I could share my joy with You once again, at least this way, it would not exist without You…

Thank you,


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