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The location of Tao Garden Center is just perfect for this work. So much beauty and amazing trees and plants and so full of Chi. This on it\’s own invites healing and relaxing. I loved the diversity of the group, coming from 16 different nations, different ages (21 till about 70), different backgrounds and coming together with the purpose to release, to expand, to grow, to be of service to each other, to be honest and willing to connect deeply with each other. As I am used to work with energy and spirit I tend to be not so grounded. I also realized that because of some spots of tension in my muscles, energy can\’t move really freely and there is a limitation of embodying spirit all the way through to all levels of my human expression. In my path it is all about not separating spirit and matter anymore but being a living example of a body full of spirit and spirit expressing through an open body.
I very much needed to leave my comfort zone to be able to participate fully and this is what I did. Mals open hearted presence and his 20 years of experience made it very easy for me to open up and to expand my capacity to connect deeply with my body, including physical and emotional pain and also with other people in the group. This week definitely brought expansion for me in many areas: I feel much more present in my body, I learned a lot, I found new friends, I have more to offer to my clients…. I am so grateful for everything.


Mal Weeraratne is a certified Tantra Educator founder of Tantric Journey – School of Healing and Awakening and author of Emotional Detox through bodywork. Mal is a British pioneer of emotional release through bodywork, with over 20 years experience, treating over 3000 clients from all walks of life from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Mal has developed Tantric Journey a healing and awakening technique based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with ground-breaking Western knowledge; to create a powerful and transformative form of therapy that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body.

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