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Emotional Detox Module 2 - Yoni Massage and Male Prostate – Lingam Massage - Nov 2018 | Tantric Massage in London | Tantric Therapy
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Emotional Detox Module 2 – Yoni Massage and Male Prostate – Lingam Massage – Nov 2018
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02-11-2018 to 05-11-2018
10AM to 10PM
Teacher Training
With Mal
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In this training course, you will:

Learn the Art of Sacred Spot Massage for both Men and Women

Tantric Workshop for Couples, Individuals and Tantra Educators

Prostate Massage is something every man and woman must learn to give and receive.

Prostate is also called the Sacred Spot or G spot of the man and the woman, where most of the trauma and negative emotions are stored. During this class you will learn how to give and receive a sacred spot massage which is also called G spot massage, Vaginal massage or Yoni massage (for women) and Prostate massage (for men).

The purpose of this massage for women is to help release negative stagnant emotions through female ejaculation which is called Amrita in Sanskrit. Amrita is also called “Yoni Crying”, which is similar to releasing sadness through tear drops from your eyes.

prostate massage Module2-img01






Purpose of this massage for men is to help release negative emotions stored in the male prostate. Men will also learn to withhold the ejaculation and draw the orgasmic energy inwards by learning how to separate the orgasm and ejaculation, helping him to be a better lover or a healer.

This treatment has been performed over 1000’s of years ago, in both India and China to transform negative emotions into positive emotions and ecstasy to help enhance love, intimacy, sexuality, orgasmic potential, communication, vision, empowerment, spirituality and to improve relationships, health, wealth and happiness.

The focus of this training is on teaching methods to help evoke and disperse negative stagnant emotions from the body as a result of trauma and old belief systems using Tantric and Tao Bodywork. Once the energy channels are cleared, our natural energy can flow freely to help reach your highest potential.

What does each Training consist of?

Training consists of Theory, Demonstrations and Practical under supervision in a safe and sacred environment. You will be provided some course notes and video footage for home study.

During this class, you will learn:

  • Emotional Detox through Tantric – Tao Bodywork
  • Yoni Healing
  • Male prostate Healing
  • Emotional and Trauma Release
  • Function of the Female Ejaculation
  • Male Ejaculatory control
  • Multi Orgasmic Response (MORE)
  • Demonstration and Practical

Who can benefit:

These workshops are suitable for couples, to enhance their relationships or Tantra Educators who wishes to pursue a new career.

This course will also benefit holistic, complementally and alternative therapists who wish to add knowledge to their existing practice.

What qualifications should I have?

You need to complete Module 1 and Module 1 Practice week and watch all the training videos and be familiar with the bodywork routine on how to open the energy channels in the body. You must also submit five Module 1 case study reports prior to joining Module 2
Module 1 Courses – Click here
Module 1 Practice week – Click here

Where is it held?

All workshops are held at the Tantric Journey Temple in Hammersmith, West London, UK

When is it held?

These 4 day workshops are held 4 times a year, Friday to Monday (10am – 10pm)

Do I get a Certificate?

​Once you complete Module 2 and attend at least one Case study Practice week and submit 30 case study reports with no complaints from the case study models, you will be assessed by the Tantric Journey assessors. You can attend Practice – Case study weeks in London by clicking here.


After completion of the course you will be presented with your Tantric Journey Attendance Certificate, stating what you have learnt. Once you successfully complete Module 1-2, attend Practice / Case study weeks and submit 30 case study reports (with no complaints from case study models) and attend practical examinations you will be certified as a Tantric Journey Educator (CTJE). You may be then listed in Tantric Journey website subject to approval by the Tantric Journey – Teacher Training Certification Board. You will have a dedicated Profile web page for marketing your business and to receive paid client enquires in the following link. You need to pay a marketing fee of £60 per month to be listed in the Tantric Journey website

Click for Web Therapist Listing page:

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Do I get Insurance?

Yes click here

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Code of Conduct:

  • Please note that no explicit sexual activity or nudity takes place during the class, other than the demonstration and practice for educational purposes.
  • All participants to respect each other’s boundaries
  • All sharing to be kept confidential
  • Practical work is assigned with a partner of your choice at your own privacy


How to Prepare For the Weekend Courses and What to Bring

  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  2. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the course.
  3. You can rent shared fully equipped, in house accommodation, where you can connect with other course participants
  4. Bring your own food. Fridge/Freezer is provided to store food
  5. Cooker, oven and microwave is also provided
  6. No alcohol, drugs, smoking, any other external substances, toxic foods or drinks to be used during and few days before and after the course as it will interfere with your own journey and the detox process
  7. Men to abstain from ejaculation to preserve the male chi energy and it is recommended not to have sex few days before, during and after the class to help you work with your own sexual energy to facilitate the deep healing and awakening process.
  8. Filtered water is provided to top up your water bottles and drinking lots of water will help the detox process
  9. Please note that the Tantra Temple is a peaceful, supportive and healing environment and so it is requested that mobile phones are turned off. Photography and videography are not permitted without prior express permission.
  10. Not to park any vehicles on the same road as the Temple, but to park in a nearby road and walk up to the Temple. Free parking from Friday 5pm and Weekends
  11. Not to make too much noise both inside and outside the temple or to disturb the neighbours


How many participants per each Module?

Only 8 participants per each workshop, placements offered on a first come first serve basis. Small groups are designed to help and support individuals to achieve a high standard of learning.


Not suitable for the following:

  1. In first 3 months of pregnancy
  2. Within 6 months of major surgery
  3. With significant sexual or other trauma. We recommend 1-2-1 sessions with a qualified Tantric Journey therapist listed on the Tantric Journey website and/or arrange a session with Terri George (Tantric Journey holistic counselling): before joining our training programme.
  4. Any other serious medical conditions such as secondary cancer or mental health issues


  1. A good level of spoken and written English
  2. Must not use recreational substances within 2 days of training and during training workshops
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Mal Weeraratne is a trained Tantra therapist and the author of 'Emotional Detox through Bodywork'.

He has spent over twenty five years practising in this field and has developed a healing and awakening technique based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with other holistic therapies that he calls Tantric Journey.

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